the secret within.

Ingrid has just lost her mum,dad and big sister been only 13 she get's put into care. Later on at 12o'clock in the middle of the night she hears a whispering waking her up to see someone jumping out her bedroom window...who is this mysterious person?


4. What the helll.

yeah so i now know who he is and really it's just like what the hell, his girlfriend is really mad at me because Gus broke up with her he said he's in love with a real woman. She came up behind me and whispered "if you lay one of your filthy fingers on my Gus i will hunt you down and kill you believe me you have no idea who we are."

Of coarse me being clever and all i shouted back "back of bitch i may have no family but i have me growing up from being 13 to 16 in a a care home makes you stronger."

Guess what, Gus said he wants to come round to my place to study, at mine to night, there's a jacuzzi in my back garden so we'll go in there when it's midnight if he stays that long full moon tonight so the place will be full up with moonlight!

Dear dairy 8:00pm, just cooking tea for us all my books are out if we even study there's one thing and one thing only that I'll be focusing on him "you" i turned round startled to see him standing at the foot of my door but the creepy thing is is that "you said that in your head that I'm channeling you watching your every move?" he smiled seductively but i resisted i grabbed for something strong and sharp but he was laughed at me while sarcastically went on to saying "go on stab me....huh...oh wait you can't because you secretly love me and the old Gus wasn't afraid of loving but the full moon i don't know it seems to bring something out of me that tomorrow i won't remember all I'll remember all I'll want to remember is your screaming voice as i slowly.. well you'll just have to wait to see what I'll  slowly do. Back to what your holding are you going to stab me or you going to drop it" 

"Neither!" i shouted as i kept it held up high i moved into my on suit locking the door behind me then turning around to see a massive black dog just like the one i saw in the bushes...him he's just like the person jumping out my all adds up he's a mad man! "wrong wrong and wrong again please give me a bit of dignity  if i was a mad man i would of killed you  by now. come on guess again!"

"Your not real your all in my head your not real your all in my head." i rocked backwards and forwards open in my eyes to see his sarcastic face smiling at me "shall i give you a clue okay here it goes 3 clues 2.big bad were wolf 3.big bad bat! come on you've watched the vampire diaries what's that thing begins with hi"

A Hybrid "that's the one now who's a clever girl then"

i ran as fast as i could but he was faster but i pushed past him still trying to run bit my boots weren't equipped for running so i ended up tripping up   him breaking my fall "i love you and will do anything for you to love me back"

"then go rot in hell you son of a bitch"

"i will if it makes you happy  but first let me run you home" he grabbed hold of my hand and vamped it up leaving me safely tucked up in my bed or for now!


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