the secret within.

Ingrid has just lost her mum,dad and big sister been only 13 she get's put into care. Later on at 12o'clock in the middle of the night she hears a whispering waking her up to see someone jumping out her bedroom window...who is this mysterious person?


3. Time to find out!

Today I AM going to find out who he is, and maybe what he wants I sit next to him in maths since I'm the only one in every class with an empty seat next to me yes I have no friends not even the dorkiest girl ever to walk this school nerdy Nina.

Here it is, maths class.

"Hey I'm Gus. Gus Johnson, and you are?"

I....I....I'm Ingrid!"

"Do i get a last name?"

"Ingrid.." Omg god I've forgotten my last name.

"Ingrid Harrison"

"Well I'm obliged to meet you"

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