the secret within.

Ingrid has just lost her mum,dad and big sister been only 13 she get's put into care. Later on at 12o'clock in the middle of the night she hears a whispering waking her up to see someone jumping out her bedroom window...who is this mysterious person?


2. in the bushes

As i drove to school i saw this strange thing in the bushes it was like a wolf but no ordinary wolf, i mean i know this sounds crazy and believe me even i don't believe in super natural or abnormal things but I'm pretty sure no I'm 100 sure that it was a Werewolf.


Well today was a total smack in the mouth i walked in head held up high then a random person swung there locker door right into my face hitting mostly my mouth see i told you it was a total smack in the mouth, but the thing was that when he realized what he'd done he shut his door and helped me up just to drop me again when his girlfriend walked past, the most popular girl in the entire school.


He was just so... I was just so... It was so...

see i have no idea how to end any of them sentences his smile his laugh his ego his sense of knowing... Just like the person in my room just like that werew... that wolf in the bushes.


I need to, no i want to know, actually i demand to know who he is and what he wants i mean he can't be in 2 states watching my every move stalking me like a black panther about to pounce onto a unsuspecting deer.... I'm going to find out!



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