April's Summer

April Summers is bored out of her mind. She's stuck at a weird holiday place for a month. A month! Her parents enjoy it for some mad reason, but April hates it. Where's the internet? Where's the nearest clothes shop? Where is her phone?? Like a lost bird, April wanders around looking for something to do. Then comes the mysterious Nate who takes her under his wing. He shows her a magical world hidden away on the beach. The people are calling to April and have been for some time. She learns of an old legend, one that Nate says is important. April finds herself drawn to the sea, trying to work out the legend's meaning. The legend takes over her mind and soon it could become dangerous. This story is told in April's letters to her friend Madeline that she never sends.


1. Please send help

House twenty


No idea what the postcode is



I am tired, hungry and I know I look a mess.

That's what getting up at five in the morning does to you. Yes Maddy, five in the morning. I should have been fast asleep, dreaming happy dreams about Harry Styles. But no, I get dragged out of bed, given clothes to put on and shoved into the car. The clothes aren't even nice! May and June were half asleep, wandering around, clutching their teddies. They still look adorable even when they're a mess. I don't. I just look...messy.

So when we get here, where ever here is, I am completely disappointed. There's about fifty little houses dotted in a foresty place with a big manor hotel behind them. Why aren't we in the hotel, where there's internet? That's right, there is no internet here. How am I going to survive without Facebook and Youtube? How can I fangirl over One Direction's new song if I can't listen to it? Mum didn't let me bring my iPod and I have no idea where my phone went. What am I going to do??

I'm actually writing to you because Dad forced me. May and June are being adorable, again, looking at "all the pretty ponies in the field." Please send help! This is so boring, writing letters. It's like school, and it's summer. You can't do school stuff in summer! You have to lie in, shop with your friends, eat at McDonalds, giggle about cute boys and put school to the back of your mind until September. I'm stuck here for a month. :(

Even smiley faces look weird when they're written down. Where is my phooone?

Ugh, I've just realised. There isn't a postbox at this dump. What was the point in doing this if you can't post anything? Dagh.

Yeah, I'm going now. May wants to show me the "pretty pony". Cuteness overload!

Bye. Oh, and send help, a helicopter preferably with Harry Styles or Josh Hutcherson in it.

April Summers.

P.S. Save me from a month of boredom!

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