April's Summer

April Summers is bored out of her mind. She's stuck at a weird holiday place for a month. A month! Her parents enjoy it for some mad reason, but April hates it. Where's the internet? Where's the nearest clothes shop? Where is her phone?? Like a lost bird, April wanders around looking for something to do. Then comes the mysterious Nate who takes her under his wing. He shows her a magical world hidden away on the beach. The people are calling to April and have been for some time. She learns of an old legend, one that Nate says is important. April finds herself drawn to the sea, trying to work out the legend's meaning. The legend takes over her mind and soon it could become dangerous. This story is told in April's letters to her friend Madeline that she never sends.


2. No point in doing this

House Twenty


Still don't know the postcode.

Hello Maddy,

Couldn't find a helicopter then? Well, of course you didn't, I never sent the letter. 

There was no point in writing it because there is no postbox. Nyeeeh. But guess how I found that out. A boy! A gorgeous boy too. Yeah, I know you said I'd fall in love with any boy but I can't help it! He's so...aaah.

I'll see more of this boy this month. He works in the stables. May and June made friends with a little girl called Posy who's parents run the stables where all the "pretty ponies" live. Me being the responsible big sister, I have to go along and watch as my six year old sisters giggle and stroke the horses.

The boy sat up on the fence behind me. "They your sisters?" he asked, scaring the life out of me.

"Yeah," I said, acting all cool, "May and June."

The boy laughed. "Cute names," he grinned, "Are they twins?"

"Duh they're twins," I answered, "Identical blonde hair and blue eyes. Wearing the same things. Yes they're twins." I looked at the boy, fangirling inside. He's got sandy blonde hair, green eyes and freckles. As you know only too well Maddy, I am obsessed with boys with freckles, I don't know why!

"Cool," he says, "Twins are fascinating. I'm Nate by the way, short for Nathan but no one calls me that."

Even his name was gorgeous! "I'm April," I said, twisting my hair around my finger, "April Summers."

"Pretty name," remarked Nate, "Hey! April, May and June! What's your mum called?"

I giggled at this because as you know, my mum has a boring name. "Simone," I answered with a grin. Nate laughed. I saw May and June's little friend Posy look at us and walk over.

"Nate," she said, eyes wide, "Can I see Sandy?"

Nate looked down at the little girl and shook his head. "No, Posy," he said, "Sandy doesn't like strangers." Posy looks sad for about a second and then runs back to May and June.

"Who's Sandy?" I asked Nate, confused.

"My horse," he said and jumped off the fence, "Who will be annoyed that I've left her. See ya, April." He walked off. About halfway to the stables, he turned around and said to me, "Oh and that letter in your pocket? You can't send it, there's no postbox here."

So Mads, what do you think of Nate? Wait, you can't tell me, and I can't tell you. Again, there is no point in doing this. 

April Summers

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