Time To Shine

Lauren is from a small suburb town next to Minnesota's capitol, St. Paul. She lives off of singing, in the car, in the shower, for school and church, it doesn't matter. When her choir teacher at school decides to sign her up for The X Factor auditions that are happening in St. Paul, Lauren finds out what real passion for singing is. Will she make it to the judges houses, or will she besent home? Read to find out!!


1. Not This Again

"Sometimes it feels like this world is spinning faster,
Than it did in the old days;
So naturally we have more natural disasters,
From the strain of a fast pace.
Sunday was, a day of rest,
Now it's one more day, for progress;
And we can't slow down, 'cause more is-"
"Ok! Good, good that was great as usual Lauren." I was cut off by my favorite teacher, Ms. Janson. She taught choir, and we were practicing for the upcoming concert. I had a solo for the first verse of Mayberry by Rascal Flatts, and had been cut off as I was about to finish.
"I think we've done enough for today, Lauren. Come back tomorrow after school, and we'll keep practicing, alright?" I nodded at her, then waved.
"Ok, Ms. Janson. See ya tomorrow!!"
Just as I was about to go out the door, I was stopped.
"Oh, wait. I forgot to tell you. Have you heard of the singing competition The X Factor?" I nodded, knowing where this was going. She did it every year, with a different competition every year.
"Well, I've signed you up for an audition."
"No, Ms. J. Not this again. You know how I feel about these. I don't have anywhere near the amount of talent that everyone else that signs up for those shows do. You try this every year, and it isn't. Going. To. Work." She just smiled at me, and I groaned.
"Did you know that you get out of your family reunion. The one you've been dreading? Yeah, it's the same day." I groaned again, knowing there was no getting out of it now, if I'm able to get out of that.
"Fine," I said, and her smile widened even more, if that was possible.
"Great!!" She said., then went over to her desk and got out some paps.
"Just fill these out, and have your mom or dad sign them. If they won't, I can, too." Sighing, I took the papers from her and put them in my bag.
"What do you want me to sing for it, since it's a week away?" I asked.
"Anything you want, and I will help you. Figure it out by tomorrow, and we can practice until then. Is that fine with you?"
"Yeah," I said unwillingly.
"Okay, then. See ya tomorrow!" The last thung I saw as I left the room was her joyfull face.
*At least I'm making someone happy* I thought to myself.
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