Love over life

My name is Samantha, and I'm a 17 year old agent for the WPP. (Witness protection program) My new assingnment, protect One direction. What's wrong? Their lives are being threatened. Dangers? The usual life on the line type of stuff, oh yeah, and falling in love.


3. An interesting morning

I woke up to the smell of bacon, yum. Opening my eyes I found myself in an unfamiliar room, then I remembered where I was. One Directions house. yay. It's not that I don't like One Direction, I think they're fine. To be honest it was like having your mom tell you your babysitting someone who's older than you. Yeah, kinda creepy.

I heard a scream and ran downstairs to find Harry Styles standing in front of the stove, with his shirt on fire. My first day on the job and already someones gotten in trouble. This should be interesting. I ran over and tore his shirt off, throwing it in the sink and turning on the water as I scrambled to unlock and open the window. I sighed as the water doused the flames. Turning around I found Harry, and the other boys, staring at me with their mouths open. I guess someone forgot to mention I would be staying with them. Oops.

I gave them the best smile I could manage. Why weren't they saying anything?? This was beginning to be a little awkward.

Nial saved me from my humiliation by speaking, "What are you doing in my kitchen?"

I laughed a little and said "It's my kitchen too! Your parents are letting me live here for a while."

This seemed to be enough of an explanation for them because they snapped out of it and walked around me to eat breakfast. They sure do trust people easily.  Harry slowly walked up to me rubbing his neck, "Hey, thanks for your help. I'm pretty sure I would've gotten hurt had you not been here. Soo, thank you."

I smiled at his embarrassment, "No problem. I'm not sure you want to keep your shirt though."

"It's a good thing I didn't like it anyway." he winked and went to join the other guys. I watched him go and noticed, for the first time, he wasn't wearing a shirt. Wow he has abs. I caught myself and restrained from staring at him any longer. I was here to work. It was going to be a challenge staying in a house full of  hot famous boys and not loosing my focus.

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