From the wish to the heart

It started as a hobby... then it makes you meet your idols... and then it transformed completely your life... How far can this madness take you? At first you looked to the mirror and you're a perfectly normal girl... with her flaws, her foibles and obsessions and then a little wish and whim is uncontrolled and you see yourself in the middle of a strange situation... Forget for a few moments the people: your friends, your family and society... Look only for your heart... and now you're realizing that maybe he isn't only that super star... not even a good friend... maybe he is everything that you always searched for... And maybe your wish has brought you up to your love.


1. Living the dream


I hurry to get down the street. It is Thursday afternoon. The classes ended for that day and I received a call from our manager Sara. She said that she had big news for us so I hurry to met the girls in the cofee.    I was living my dream. I had a band, we had recorded our album and our manager did everything she can to further our music. We'll have a new album to be record and maybe a new single with a great artist.   Everything was awesome. I was with my best friends, Mariana, Liliana and Barbara in the band and that was everything that I always wanted. Since we participate in the show that made us famous, our life was just like a dream... Perfect as our dreams.   I meet Liliana and the others in the coffee shop that we used to go after school. We would meet there and then we'll go to Sara's house.   - Did you get Sara's call?- Liliana look at me almost certain about the answer.   - Dah, Liliana, if we didn't get it we wouldn't be here to go to her house...- Mariana liked use irony and sarcasm... Sarcasm in the most part of the time.   - What will be the big new that she needs to tell us?- This was the question that everybody was thinking but only Barbara say it... Sara could always put us work with great singers or that big composers helped us write a song. Sara was our manager but a big friend of us too.   - I don't know, but if she wants to tell us personally it have to be a big new... We went for Sara's house... Well, Sara loved give big news in her "office", like we used to say... Her office were, basically, a table of the living room full of papers about the band and contacts and stuff that even I didn't know what it was...   We arrive to her house and we open the little gate. We cross the garden perfectly treaty and we knock the door. The door open immediately. Sara looked enthusiastic. Her big blue eyes, as bigger as Liliana's, shine of anxiety. She departed her blonde fringe and smiled. Sara was beautiful... her appearance denied a lot of years of her life... Who saw her, would think that she had 27 years, not 35...   - Finally you arrived, you're going to freak out when you hear what I have to say to you, girls.   We sat in the big table on her "office". In the table there were a million of papers... We all sat, except Sara. Her hair is perfectly arrange and she is wearing a white blouse with jeans. Her nails are painted with red varnish and her perfectly round face is rosy.   - Girls, the news that I have can make you go up in the music industry... You can be recognize in all world...- After we hear what Sara said, we all were with a tingling sensation in the stomach.   We all look for each other. All world, to be honest these words scare myself a little. Liliana is so nervous that she begin to look for the nails that each day were painted with a different nail polish. Barbara is straightening the bangs and cross her hands. I look at Mariana, bit the lip and compress my arms against my stomach so as not to feel so much nervousness.   - I talked with a world renowned boyband manager and you, girls, are going to collaborate with them...   - And which boyband are you talking about?- Mariana is curious... There were a thousand of boybands: It could be an american band, a australian band, a band only famous in asia or brazil.... or it could be a british or irish band.   Sara hesiatates a little.   - Girls keep calm... It is a band that you love.   - So what band is it?- Mariana is beginning to lose patience and begin to gnaw the nails, one of terrible habits.   -The band is British, is ...-Sara couldn't finish talking... Would only say that they were a British band for this happen ...   -Oh, my God ... are you kidding me, how you get that we collaborate with them?!-I was with a silly face, Mariana, Liliana and Barbara look open-mouthed to Sara as I ...   -They come to know you ... In the meantime you may want to train your English because I guess you won't get to say anything when you'll be with them...   -Sara, we are that rare type of fans who know how to control the happiness and the screams, right girls?-But I'm abruptly interrupt by Mariana, who prove the contrary to what I had to say ...   -OMG, One Direction will meet us! This is, like, the best thing ever!!!!-She gave mini joy screams and Sara look at me like who said "you see, I know you better than you think".   I just did that look... Cost me believe that a band so famous to come meet us.   -Now girls we have to deal with other things ....-Sara sought by the roles spread across her table, I mean, our electronic schedule... the band's schedule.   -Okay, tomorrow you have a proof of clothes to the interview on Saturday night. Girls is an interview for a direct program, so be careful with what you'll say. Now that you are famous the paparazzis want to transform a simple and harmless story into something that you can go to below. About working with One Direction .   -Please, Sara, don't call "work"... Whenever you say working it reminds me of drought, annoyance, boring but this will be with One Direction . The worst that can happen is they don't show up.   -Don't worry, they will be here to meet you... They also are eager for you to know.-We are all nervous, again. Sara could be exaggerating ... or not. But this story about knowing One Direction and collaborating with them was still very recent so it continued doing us a tingling sensation in the stomach.   -Okay, going back to your schedule. Friday proof clothing, Saturday evening you have the program, on Sunday is your day free as always ask me and in Monday you will meet with the representative of your recording company, with me, and we will deal with dates for record the single. Then, you begin to compose the music, right?   - Yeap, okay, but how much time will we have to write it?- Sometimes write a song is easy because you're inspiring and we write a song fast, but there's other times that when you have a date to finish the song the inspiration goes away.   - Don't worry, first you'll have One Direction's help and second, they come to meet you on Wednesday of the next week...   -What? That means that you have talked with One Direction's manager for a long time ago!-Mariana has a quick thinking so fast she arrive to that conclusion.   -Yes ... Since 4 or 5 weeks, but I was trying to catch you by surprise for you be less nervous...   -So, Sara, you think now that we only have a week to prepare to know our idols we will be less nervous than if we knew those two weeks before???!!!-Barbara is right. Now we are more nervous than ever. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, SARA.  
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