Forever and Always

Sequel to 'I got your back'!


4. its been 9 months....

Harry's POV

It has been 9 months since Sam was shot, she has not woken up yet...I havent left her side no matter what. Im in her room right now, holding her hand.

"Sam please wake up. I love you." I said tears streaming down my face. Then the others walked in with flowers and balloons. Liam sat down besides me.

"Can I talk to her alone please?" he asked. I nodded, then left with the others.


Liam's POV

She looked so beautiful and peaceful when I saw her laying there. I took her hand in mine and let some tears escape.

"Sammi sweety, please wake up...I have kept this secret in long enough...." I began.


Sam's POV

What secret?! What secret can Liam have that I have no idea about? Is it about Harry?

"...the secret" he kept stuttering...

His grip on my hand got a little tighter...I felt safe, that nothing bad was going to happen to me...

My feelings for Harry are fading away like never before. I think im falling in love with Liam...

I could feel my muscles un-stiffen, but I still didnt open my eyes. I wanted to hear what he had to say to me. Then those words got me like that...

"" he whispered. Sending tingles down my spine...the guy that I love, loves me.

I opened my eyes and saw him. I smiled and so did he.

"I love you too." I confessed. "Can I talk to Harry?" I asked, he nodded and went to get Harry...or so I thought.


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