Forever and Always

Sequel to 'I got your back'!


8. chapter 8

Harry's POV

As I approached Sammi's location, I heard some guy say 'ooooh lady has some moves'...I came closer to where I heard that from and I saw Sammi held up against a wall by these two guys. I quickly got out of the car, followed by Niall he asked me to come cause well two people would always be better. Niall was holding a fork, as I was holding a banana.

"GET AWAY FROM HER!" me and Niall boh yelled as we ran up to them.

"Why should we? She is sessy!" one of them exclaimed..the one with brown hair and hazel eyes.

"Oh hell no." Niall said as he stabbed that guy with his fork, in his neck watching him drop to the ground in pain as Niall kept on stabbing him EVERYWHERE.

"Whats with the banana?" the other guy asked me all cool like as we watched Niall in facination.

"This." I said as I pealed the banana back and shoved it in his face.

"Im allergic!" he shrieked, as he turned pissed.

"Isnt that a shame," I said in a baby voice "thats what you get for touching me girlfriend." I said as I punched him in the face then took Sammi's purse and took out a pencil and started to stab th guy with it.

After like 10 minutes of doing that me and Niall took Sammi to the hospital, saticified with what we just done.

"Samantha, you can go back now." the make nurse said as he gave her a gentle smile. As we got to the back room, we saw a doctor holding his clip bored. I guess that is Doctor Nadar.

"Samantha, we have terrible news," he began "The baby girl, she died. She wasnt healthy enough." he finished, as Sammi broke down into tears.


Liam's POV

As I was talking to Danielle Peazor I found out that she was a model, not a dancer...and that all this would be is a fake relationship nothing more. As me and Danielle were out at dinner, my phone started to play 'I would' by One Direction (my band) signaling that Sammi was calling. I excused myself, walked to the loo and and I answered it.

"Hey Sammi, I miss you so damn much." I said as I answered the call.

"I miss you too...I have bad news," she took a deep breath "our baby girl...didnt survive..." she finished.

"Im coming home...babe, I made a mistake..a huge mistake." I said.

"Liam," Sam began "Im falling for Harry again." she heart stopped and I fell to the ground and everything went black.  

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