Forever and Always

Sequel to 'I got your back'!


7. chapter 7

Liam's POV

Me and Sammi were both quiet in the car...we were both still a bit shocked.

"Are you alright?" I asked her.

"Ya..just shocked..I mean twins.." she responded as she looked at me.

"I know what you mean.." I agreed in understandment, as my phone rang..I pulled over on the side of the road to avoid a car accident as I answered it.

"Hey Simon, whats up?" I asked into the phone.

"Well...this one dancer's agent contacted me and said that she needs some more I agreed with her and you are going to fake date her." Simon explained.

"But im married." I objected.

"No you are not, I hired him and he was just acting that it was real.." Simon said.

"Well, im in a relationship." I said angryly.

"Ya, I know..but you have to do this. You are being sent to California, your plane leaves in 3 hours. End of discussion." Simon said as he hung up..I just slammed my phone down and started to cry.

"Liam..whats wrong?" Sammi asked concerned.

"Simon is telling me that I have to fake date this dancer." I responded.

"Did you tell him you are married?" she asked.

"Ya I did, and he was all like 'well I just ordered him to give you a fake marriage.'" I explained.

"Thats just bullshit. Are you going to do it?" she questioned.

"I have to." I said.

"Im not going to date a cheater..its me or her." Sam argued.

"Sam, im sorry." I whispered, as I said that she got out of the car and started to walk back to the house...her last words were 'were done'.


Sammi's POV

As I started walking to the house, my stomach started to hurt like hell, my first instinct was to call Liam...but then I remembered what just happened, so I dialed Harry.

"Hey whats up?" he asked as he answered.

"Harry..I need you. My stomach hurts like hell and I just broke up with Liam.." I explained.

"Where are you?" he asked, as I could hear the keys rustling in the background.

"Im just like 10 minutes away from the house." I responded.

"Ok, do you need somewhere to stay for the night?" he asked.

"Just please come and I will explain. I need you Harry..I made a bad decision." I said as I started to cry.

"Ok, be there in 5.." he said as he hung up, I closed my phone and just stood there...then these weird freakish teenagers started to hit on me (like flirt), I tried to ignore them until one of them touched my ass.

"Oh hell no!" I yelled as I slapped him.

"Ooooh lady has the moves." one of them exclaimed as they came closer and closer causing me to back up each time, leading me to the dark alley.

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