Forever and Always

Sequel to 'I got your back'!


1. a summary from I GOT YOUR BACK

Summary (no ones POV):

Sammi and Harry have been together for almost 4 years and then he saw another girl that was more prettier then her. Then when he lied to her she stabbed herself after her brother stabbed himself and died.

Sammi has already had a tragic life...her mum dad and sister all commiting suicide without her knowing, on top of that her brother (Daniel) commited suicide infront of her.

Harry on the other hand has been suffering through alot of hate...especially recently. Some people actually did support his and Sammi's relationship, but when he broke up with her the hate got a little out of control, so he deleted his twitter.

Zayn confessed his love to Sammi and she confessed her love to him too. He really wants her to be his. It has been 2 years after the incident with Sammi trying to commite suicide and he thinks that its time to make his move.


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