Londyn Times


1. All Time Low -The Wanted


*Ring Ring Ring*   "hello?" i answered my phone with my lovely morning voice. "are you still sleep, babe" i heard joe, my ex boyfriend say. "yup! what do you want?" i barked back. he was the last person i wanted to talk to. the fact that he had my phone number and would use it pissed me off even more. joe was apart of a famous boy band and we had worked together and became friends years before we started dating. he broke up with me and i left the tour and tried to find myself. i was still best friends with his little brother nick i was pretty sure thats how he always got my new number. "the label is going to call you today." he sung. "how do you know, joe?" i asked. i had heard some rumors about dropping me for not writing or recording, but i just couldnt. i couldnt write anything.i think deep down i didnt want to write anything cause i knew it would all be about joe and the pain i had inside. "i just wanted to give you a heads up on the bad news" he said before hanging up.    so it was bad news, i was finally losing everything i had worked for my wholelife over a boy. i texted nick.   'your bro is a real ass, you know' 'i know, cant wait to see you' 'haha aww nicky miss you' 'miss you more!! :) <3'   i decide to handle last night problem with a beer and order some junk food from room service. hangovers was a everyday thing for me now, i could stop if i wanted honestly. i just didnt wanna. i sat in bed and pigged out on burgers and fries, cotton candy, chips and dip for about 3 hours before my cell phone rung. i looked at the name LABEL   " well well well i've been waiting for you" i added a evil chuckle "Londyn? what is wrong with you" Johnny my manger said  "Oh hey? what are you doing calling from the label?" i asked " well im out here in the UK with the guys, and the label wanted to talk to you. i putting you on speaker" he said "oh k..." "hello Londyn, how are you?" a british accent said. i didnt know the voice i didnt care. i was still being fired. " fine" i said eating a handful of chips into the phone. "oh ok. well we wanted to talk to you about your writing and recording for your new album? we see you havent been showing up for your sessions?" he paused thinking i would try to explain myself. i didnt have a reason and if i did i wouldnt tell these losers.  "mmhm..." "well then, we are bringing you over to the UK "Johnny cut in with. i sat straight up in my bed" so your not dropping me?" i yelled " not yet! we wanna see you go far in the music business with or without the Lawson Brothers name beside yours." i heard Papa Lawson say which meant alot to me. he knew everything that had been going on, and he still cared and wanted to give me a chance.  "so you leave late tonight, pack as much as you can. and a crew will be around to get your stuff and move it into your London flat." the british man said. "while you are here you will be given a whole new crew of people to boss around.but they will also be making sure you dont do anything that will look bad in the papers and making sure you get to studios and session on time and actually work"  "yes sir"i said taking in all that they have just said. i was happy i would be given another chance to work on music. i just didnt feel like writitng my own songs.  " things will be different this time, L! i promise!" Johnny said. " thanks john-john i look forward to it see you guys tomorrow. "i said then hanging up to pack like a mad woman


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