War with One Direction.

This all started when Haylee and Breanna met One Direction. They actually split apart and when they did, Niall, Louis, and Harry went on Haylee's side. Liam and Zayn went on Breanna's side, but can they survive?


1. WAR 1

*Breanna's point of view* I gathered zayn and liam around. "We have to kill them" I whispered. "But i can't" Liam said. I shook my head. "You eiether kill them or you get killed" He signed. I took my gun and went out. I could clearly see Harry and Haylee on the other side.   Haylees POV: "Harry go over there and get your gun, go go go!" I yelled at him and slapped his bum "Ok ok!" He ran over to the other side and hid in a trash can. Ha, nice place to hide. *note the sarcasm*. I walked over to the bench and picked up 2 knives and a gun. I put the knifes in a little pocket, and put my gun in the other. I slowly walked on the other side of the building and ran their way. "GET OUTTA THE WAY, PRETTY GIRL COMIN THROUGHHH!" I yelled and they all ran out of the way pointing their guns at me "GET OUT HERE HAZ!" I exclaimed and he ran out with a knife and a gun. "GET THEM!!!" Breanna shouted and we all started trying to hit each other, but we just ended up running around from each other so we didn't get killed. Breanna's point of view: Everybody was running around like idiots. I just walked back to the truck. "Come on zayn!" He was sitting in the middle of the fighting looking in his mirror. "PUT THE MIRROR DOWN!" I screamed. He finally put it down and walked over. "How can i have war without looking perfect?" His big ego annoyed me. Then i started looking around. "Did the garabge can just move?" I asked Liam. He started shaking. "WE ARE DOOOOOOOOOMED!" "Shh!" Then i walked over to the trash can and kicked it. "Ouch that really hurtttt!" A britsh accent said. It was Louis. 

Haylees POV: Breanna walked over to the garbage can and kicked it, then we heard a scream "Ouch that really hurtttt!" It was probably Louis. "GET YOUR ARSE OUTTA THERE!" Breanna screamed and started kicking it again. He slowly peaked his head out of it and shuffled towards us. "Get out!" Harry screamed. "GET OUT GET OUT GET OUTTA MAH HEAD!" I screamed. Harry just facepalmed "Haylee this is not helping!" Louis shouted and got out of the trash can. He had a machete in his hand too. Wow. "Thats a b-big knife...." I stuttered. "Yup!" He said proudly. We walked over to our headquaters and started talking. "So whats the plan?" I said. Louis looked at Harry, then Harry looked at me, I looked at Louis, and then he looked at me. "Dont look at me!" I said and put my hands up in defence. They rolled their eyes and Louis started talking again. "Ok? So. First, Haz you are going to go in the ladies loo and put gasoline in it, so if Breanna goes in, she slips on it and hits her head! Then Haylee with make her way in there, light a match and set it on fire!! There goes Breanna!" He exclaimed and laughed evily, and we all did the same. "Then, I will go over to Zayn, and take his mirror! Hahahh! Then Harry, you will set spoons out everywhere, Liam will get scared, and then he will probably faint! Then I will go over, shoot him, and there goes Liam! After we kill them, Zayn will try to find his mirrors, we will put it in a cage, and then Zayn will go find it! We close the cell doors, and slowly dip it in the ocean so he slowly drowns to his death!" Louis laughed evily again and we all joined in too

 Breanna's point of view: I sat in the truck and thought. "They can kill us any minute" I stated out loud. "OH NOO!" Liam cryed out. "Liam you need to shut the hell up or i swear i will pop a glock in your mouth and make a brain slushie." My unicorn laughed even though i was serious as can be. Then zayn finally spoke up. "I have an idea" He said and set down his mirror. "Oh zayn put down his mirror we got a badass over here!" Niall said and laughed. "Just tell us your idea Zayn" I said annoyed. "flaying" he said. "Whats that?" I asked. "I don't wanna know!" Liam cryed out and plugged his ears. "Dododo i can't hear you!" I facepalmed so hard. Then zayn spoke up again. "We peel off their facial skin first,slowly making our way down to the victem's feet. Most don't last even till they reached the waist" Everybody was silent. "Your insane" I said. "Who knows what they are saying they might of came up with even more crazy stuff" he said back. I grabbed my gun and slowly walked out. I could see half of Harry's body. I got on one knee and shot. It didn't hit him. "Darn it" I said under my breath. Then i heard a bird. "Doo doo doo dooooooo!" The hunger game call. I was confused. I slowly walked over to their truck. "THERE SHE IS!!!!!" Louis screamed shooting and running like an idiot. I ducked and ran back to my truck out of breath.

Haylees POV: Breanna tried to shoot Harry, but she failed miserbly. "HA!" I said outloud. Muahahaha. Niall walked in the room and was eating food. "NIALL I MISSED YOU MAH BABBY!" I said and hugged him. "I msihf yuh wwoo." He said. "What?" I said back. He swallowed his food and started talking again. "I missed you too!" His irish accent rang through my ears. "Ok Niall you need to stop eating food its time for WAR!" I screamed and through my hands up in the air. I grabbed my coyote, Betsy, and ran. *30 minutes later of running* "THERE THEY ARE!" I whisper/shouted to Niall, Louis, and Harry. Oh and dont forget Betsy. Yup. I let Betsy loose and she ran after them. They all frantically jumped up and ran for their lives. "AHHHHH ITS GOING TO EAT ME!" Liam screamed. Zayn didn't do anything, he just sat there staring in his mirror, probably lost in his reflection. The coyote grabbed zayns coat hood, and dragged him off behind the building. We heard yelping and screaming, and soon enough Betsy came out with his mirror in her mouth with blood all over it. "1 down, 2 to go." I mumbled under my breath and ran.

 Breanna's POV: I sat on the side of the truck fooling around my my gun. Then liam ran over and gave me the bad news that Zayn had just died. "They got one of us so we gotta get one of them" I whispered. "I have a perfect plan" I said. "What is it..?" Liam responded. "Ok so your the shy one. They would never expect you to kill somebody,so your gonna sneak over there and say you wanna join their team. Then when they aren't looking,shoot harry!" he screamed. "Shut up Liam just do it" I pushed him over. He slowly walked over to them. *Liam's point of view* I really don't wanna leave the truck right now. But i guess i have to. I ran all the way to the other side without getting shot. "Look it's liam!" Niall said picking up his gone. "Don't shoot!" I screamed. "I'm here to join your team" Niall turned around to tell harry then i shot him in the back and he fell down. I ran away. "I KILLED NIALL!!!!!" "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" I ran off screaming. I also tripped over a rock,but thats another story.

Louis POV: Liam came over and shot Niall! "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" I screamed. Niall sat up and smiled. "What the?" I questioned. "Hi!" He said cheerfully. "Wtf?" I said again. "He stood up and took of his shirt. "Its bullet proof!" He said again. He started jumping up and down again. This was great!! They are so horrible at killing us. Muahhah.

Haylees POV: I walked over with Harry to where Niall and Louis were sitting. "WOAH WOAH WOH!" I said and covered my eyes. Niall had no shirt on and I tried not to stare. "You like what you see?" He said and looked down at his shirt. "No." I said simply and walked away. I got a different gun, and went to the loo. "Time for Breanna to die, MWHAHAHA!" I said and started pouring gasoline in the bathroom. I walked out happily and watched as Breanna walked in the bathroom. "Check!" I whispered to myself. After I heard a "BANG" I rushed in the bathroom with my gun, and dropped it when I saw her pointing hers at me. "So you thought you could get me?" She said while inching closer. I gulped and tried to run, but I failed. I slipped and fell on the ground, and she set a match and lit me on fire. "NO!" I screamed. There was no way out. I saw Niall on the other side, and I started waving my hands. He ran through the path that didn't have any fire, and picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. "Common Haylee your gonna get burt. He set me down on the sand and took off his shirt -again- and rapped it around my body. "Haylee you are going to be okay." He whispered to me and everything went black.

Breanna's point of view: "I'm so proud i killed Niall!" Liam said. Then i shook my head at him. "If you killed him,why is he over there walking and talking?" I asked. "GHOST!!!" Liam said and ran straight into a wall and falling over. I facepalmed then grabbed my gun and went around the back if the buliding. I climbed up a ladder to the roof. I hit behind some kind of box and looked through my gun and spotted Harry. I only had one bullet so i made sure my aim was perfect. Then i shot. *BOOM!* The bullet went through his head and blood went everywhere. People screamed. I just killed Harry Styles. But this was war. You eiether kill,or get killed.

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