Run Away With Me

The first chapter was written by Molly (shefancies1d), and all credit for the first chapter and the idea goes to her!**

Meredith's dad is part of a record company, and once Meredith falls in love with a member, Louis Tomlinson, of SyCo, the leading rival company that Meredith is known to avoid, her life changes. Will Louis and Meredith's forbidden love overpower their parents, or will they never be able to love? Read on to find out!


3. None other than--

"Can I have a penthouse suite, for 6 nights, please?"

"Of course, that will be... €1,220 even, please."

My mouth literally drops open. €1,220? I would have slept on the floor in the €50.30 apartments. No. He can't spend all this money on me! I can at least pay for something.

My train of thought is interrupted by someone, Louis, grabbing my arm and pulling me away from the front desk and over to the elevator. He releases my arm, and I grab the luggage cart with our stuff on it, and with that, the elevator dings, and the doors slide open. I push the luggage cart in to the elevator, and Louis trudges along behind me. We press floor "60", and then the elevator starts working it's way up the shaft to the 60th floor.

"So where are we going after 6 nights are up?" I ask Louis. Louis takes a step closer to me and leans against me.

"I'm not yet sure. Let's just enjoy our stay babe." Louis softly whispers into my ear. His hot breath tickles my neck as it washes over me. I look directly in to his silver eyes, and we start leaning in. Our lips meet, and we share a passionate kiss. Our kiss is interrupted by a *DING*. Louis jumps back away, and as the doors slide open slowly, Louis helps me push out the luggage cart. We're in apartment 6070, and since the hall is super long, we get a crazy idea. Louis and I hop on the cart with our luggage, me sitting on top of the luggage, Louis standing on the side, we hold on to the bars and Louis starts pushing his foot off the ground to get us moving. We start of slow then pick up speed until we near the room at the end of the hallway. Louis jumps off the cart and the cart and I slam in to the door and the luggage topples over. I am in mid-air when Louis catches me in his strong, bulky arms, and I am safe.

"Oh. My. Goodness. Louis, look at the size of the shower!" I squeal. Louis runs in to the bathroom and sees the shower.

"Looks like it could fit 30 kids in it!" He chuckles. I walk over to the shower slowly, as if it is fragile and can break as easily as silence. I slowly lift my hand up and brush my hand over the glass, and then I slide the door open. It is a square shower, with jets coming from every side, and it is huge. It takes up approximately an eighth of the large bathroom. The bathroom also has a claw-foot bathtub with jets, I don't know how that worked out, but it did, and I'm glad it did. My eyes scan over the room until they fall on to Louis, peeing in to the urinal.

"God Louis! You could give a girl some warning when you're gonna jizz!" I exclaim. Louis chuckles.

"You gotta go, you gotta go babe!" He exclaims, then finishes, does what he needs to do then zips up his fly. He turns back around to face me.

"Sorry love." He apologizes, and looks at me. I don't know what it is about him right now, but it sure is attractive. I just feel attracted to him. Just the way his messy hair is perfectly placed in a messy way, and his TOMS, very tight red chinos, suspenders, and his black and red striped shirt, and his denim jacket, and the look in his eyes. Everything is perfect on him. He is just staring at me, my eyes scan over his perfect body, and then back up to his eyes. He was staring deeply in to my eyes. Then he chuckles.

"Are you done undressing me with your eyes?" He asks, and walks out of the bathroom. I run after him.

"Never started," I chuckle. He sits down on the couch and I sit down next to him. We sit in silence, not an awkward silence, a nice silence. Louis breaks the silence.

"It's getting late. The time zones are killing me! Let's go to bed." Louis says. He stands up and so do I, and we wander in to the bed room. I walk over to my suitcase and zip it open. I pull out a tank top and long thin-materialed plaid pants, and I walk in to the bathroom. I change in to my new clothes, and then I walk back in to the bedroom. Unfortunately, I saw more of Louis than was necessary. He was wearing not a single article of clothing, facing me. My eyes were unfortunately on the ground, so I slowly lift them up and scan his body quickly. I meet his eyes.

"Sorry.." I mumble and cover my eyes.

"It's safe to look now," He says. But it really wasn't. He was in a tight pair of Calvin Klein boxers. That may be enough for him, but not for me. I cover my eyes again.

"What's wrong?" Louis asks sadly.

"Nothing, I'm just not comfortable seeing you like this." I respond.

"Well get used to it love. I sleep like this." He chuckles, and then I uncover my eyes. He climbs in to bed and under the covers. He invites me to join him by patting the empty space next to him. I walk over and crawl in, sliding under the covers. He wraps his strong arms around me, and I can feel the warmth of his body heating mine up. I cuddle in to him and then shut my eyes. He kisses my lips softly.

"Goodnight, beautiful." He says to me.

"Goodnight, handsome." I reply, and with that I fall asleep in his arms.












"Get up!"


"I'll sit on you!"


"Your fault!"

"Owh.." I groan as Louis plops down on top of me.

"FINE! I'M UP! NOW OFF BEFORE I MAKE YOU GET OFF!" I yell in to my pillow.

"I'd like to see you try." Louis says. I roll over and he yelps then falls down on the ground.

"You win! Ow.." He replies.

"Aw, do you have a boo boo?" I ask Louis in a baby voice.

"YEAH!!" he wails.

"Do you want Meredith to kiss it better?" I ask in the same tone.

"Mhm!" he nods.

"Where is it?" I ask, still talking like that.

"My knee!" he exclaims. He gets up and sits on the bed and I look at his knee.

"Aw, there's a little red mark!" I exclaim.

"NO!!!" Louis yells. I kiss his knee.

"Tanks Doctor. Meredith!!" he yells and happily skips away. How can a human have so much energy in the morning? I slowly start getting out of bed. I freak out once I hear Louis scream a blood curtling scream. I sprint in to the other room.

"WHAT'S WRONG!?" I scream.

"LOOK!" Louis screams. I follow where his finger was pointed. My eyes fell on to it, and I screamed too. I don't believe, but it's right before my eyes. I turn to look at Louis, and then back at it. Standing there, in front of me, was none other than--


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