Run Away With Me

The first chapter was written by Molly (shefancies1d), and all credit for the first chapter and the idea goes to her!**

Meredith's dad is part of a record company, and once Meredith falls in love with a member, Louis Tomlinson, of SyCo, the leading rival company that Meredith is known to avoid, her life changes. Will Louis and Meredith's forbidden love overpower their parents, or will they never be able to love? Read on to find out!


2. Away, my future begins now

"Meredith, time to wake up!" Mom calls from downstairs. I groggily open my eyes, and slowly slide out of bed. I rub my eyes to try and clear my vision, and I look at the clock. 10:30. Luckily today is Saturday, so no school for me. I go to Northcrest Public School, and it's about 10 minutes away from my house by walking. I live on the outskirts of Blackpool, in England. I shuffle over to my mirror and glance at myself, I'm a mess. I tiredly pick up my brush and brush through my long, curly, knotted light-brown hair. Once I've gotten the knots out, I pick out an outfit for today. I'm not a huge fashion freak, but I still stay with some styles. I pull out a strapless purple-blue shirt that stops at mid-thigh, and a pair of light blue ripped jeans, and my bra and undies and socks. I shuffle into the bathroom down the hall, and shut the door behind me. I get undressed, and I step into the shower and turn on the shower. After I finish cleaning myself, I let the hot water wash over me for a minute. Then I stop the shower and step out. I dry myself off and I get dressed, and I throw my hair up into a messy bun. I walk downstairs and plop down at the table. My Mom sets eggs, toast, and bacon in front of me.

"Thanks, Mom." I thank my mom.

"You're welcome." Mom says, and she gives everyone else their breakfast and sits down to eat hers. I dig in. I indulge in the delicious, yellow and puffy scrambled eggs, I munch on the crispy bacon, and I enjoy the crunchy, buttered toast. I gulp down my sweet yet sour orange juice, and I ask to be excused.

"May I be excused? I'm going out with some friends." I say. By 'friends' I mean 'Louis'.

"Of course, just be back by 11:30 tonight!" Dad replies, and with that I run up the stairs and I grab my beige jacket and my purple purse and I slide on a purple bracelet made of mini-beads. I carefully put on a pair of beige heart-shaped earrings, and I apply some eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. I rush downstairs and I pull on my flats that have beads creating a nice design on the top, and with that I open the door, grab my keys, and step out.

"Bye, love you guys!" I shout into the house as I close the door. I walk down our front steps and step onto the sidewalk. I turn right, and I walk towards our driveway. I turn again and I am in our driveway. I unlock my bright purple mustang, and I climb in. I pull out the driveway, and I drive into town. I drive to the mall, which is where we were meeting to spend the day together. After about 20 minutes I pull into the mall parking lot, and I find a parking spot. The mall is busy, but it's always busy on Saturdays. I step out of the car, and lock it. I start walking towards the main entrance. I step into the steady flow of people walking into the mall, and before I know it, I'm in the mall. I fight through the crowd, trying to quickly reach the esculators. Once I reach the esculators, I step onto the step and allow myself to be brought upstairs. Once I step off the esculator, I rush to our meeting spot, which is outside of River Island. I make my way through Houndshill Shopping Centre, and once I spotted River Island, I walked over and sat down on a bench and waited for Louis. I look over at a couple talking and laughing, and wish I had a relationship like that. I feel a kiss from soft lips planted on my cheek, and I whip my head around and see Louis.

"Oh gosh was I hoping that was you!" Louis exclaims, and I laugh.

"I missed you." I say once I stop laughing.

"I missed you too, love." Louis says, and pulls me in for a hug. We had snuck out deep into the forest last night and climbed a tree high up onto a thick branch and shared a few more passionate kisses and talked until 1 in the morning. I pull away and kiss him softly on the nose.

"So, want to go look around and do some shopping?" Louis asks, and with that we go shopping. In one store, Louis tried on some skinny jeans and showed me them.

"What do you think?" He asks, striking different poses showing off how tightly they fit around him and I was giggling.

"Very good, sir, I'd say a full 10!" I say in a deep voice, and then he laughs.

"I love you.." He says and goes back into the changeroom.

"I love you too." I whisper. He steps out of the changeroom and we buy our things and now it's time for lunch. We go to Nando's and order. Once we finish eating, we decide to go into our forest and do some things to get to know eachother better. It turns out he walked here, so we are both driving in my car. I park in a city parking lot and pay, and then we walk to the forest in my backyard from there. After ten minutes of walking, we arrive at our tree in the forest. We climb and climb and then we reach the branch. We sit on it.

"It's sure a beautiful view from up here." I say.

"Almost as beautiful as my view right now." Louis says, and I turn to face him and he's looking at me. I blush, and look down at my shoes. Louis uses his index finger to lift my chin up and have me facing him. He wraps his arms around me, and I wrap my arms around him. His lips linger around mine, and then crush against mine. I shut my eyes and let him lead. He kisses, little short kisses, so we can kiss for longer, because we have enough air. I pull away, realizing.

"What will we do?" I ask.

"What do you mean..?" Louis asks me, confused.

"With this. With our parents. With us. With the record companies. With the rules." I say.

"We could do everything," He says.

"What do you mean?" I ask him.

"We could do all of this on our own. Move far away, start a family of our own." Louis says.

"Louis, we aren't even dating-" I start, but he interrupts me.

"Will you be my girlfriend, Meredith? You are beautiful, intelligent, funny, and you are perfect for me. Please?" He asks.

"Yes!" I exclaim and kiss him quickly.

"I don't know about this though." I say.

"I'm twenty, and you're-" he stops.

"18," I say.

"You're 18. We are adults now, our parents can't run our lives. We're allowed to leave!" Louis says.

"You're right. I will tell my parents tonight that I'm moving out-" Louis stops me.

"No. Don't tell your parents. Meet me here at midnight tonight. Be ready to leave Blackpool forever." Louis says.

"No, I don't know if I'm ready!" I say.

"Just meet me here babe, and we'll begin our future together." Louis says, and with that, we climb down from the tree. We share one more passionate kiss before we walk back to my car. I get in and Louis walks away. I thought he would want a ride, but then I remembered our love is forbidden. It's about 2:30, so I guess I'm coming home for dinner. All I can think about though, is the fact that at midnight tonight, my future will begin.

* * *

I go outside to my balcony with my suitcase and climb into a tree. I climb down and start to run. The branches tear at my clothes and skin, but I ignore it. I run until I can't run anymore. I reach the tree and climb up and I am greeted by a kiss. Once we pull away, I see Louis sitting in front of me.

"Ready?" Louis asks.

"I guess." I say, and we climb down the tree and we walk through the forest until we leave the forest and go to the same parking lot as before. Louis bought us a black Ford Fiesta with very tinted windows, I can't even see inside. We get in, and Louis begins driving me away. Away from my home, away from my family, away from the place I grew up, away from my life. And as we drive off, I realize that my future begins now.

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