Safe and Sound

Kate's life is perfect. She has everything she's ever wanted and more. But what happens when her life takes a turn for the worst? Leaving her perfect world to go off on her own, refusing to open up to anyone. But what happens when she meets a certain blonde haired blue eyed boy? Will she let him in? Or will she stay in her lonely miserable state of life forever?


1. Prologue

At the age of eighteen, you would be doing what typical teenagers around that age do. Go to the mall with your friends, have sleepovers, go to parties, play sports, and so on. Well that's just what Kate, head cheerleader and most popular girl at school did. She always had everyone's eyes on her. Everyone looked to her for the latest trends, and what was in at the moment. Kate was 'the it girl'.  Always had good grades even though her schedule was hectic. With cheer practice every day after school, and still needing to make time to go to the mall with the people lucky enough to call her their friend. Any person would love to be in that spot, to call Kate their best friend. Friend at the least. And of course she had over one hundred people at her fairly large house for parties when her parents were out.  But never the less she only kept one girl joined practically at her hip, who went by the name of Hanna. Hanna too was on the cheering team, and was fairly popular herself. But never able to reach Kate's standards. Which of course, allowed Kate to be the most popular girl in school. The girl who had over two hundred contacts. The girl who had the most beautiful long blonde locks that anyone has ever seen. The girl who always wore the cutest, most expensive clothes. The girl who had a large house with far to much room in it. The girl who has never worked a day in her life. The girl who would never let the role of being head cheerleader slip from her grasp. The girl who would kill to protect her title. And Kate never thought anything could get in the way of that. Ever. Nothing even as slight as a broken nail could ever steal the spotlight away from Kate. And everyone knew that to. If you were ever out of line, or did anything to try to turn heads away from Kate, she would personally destroy you in the most horrid way possible. And still look good while doing it.  So with that said, no one dared to ever cross that line. Most people to afraid to even think about what Kate would do if they ever upset her. She was the queen of gossip. Everyone went to her for the newest dirt on people, which some of the time were rumors, but most true.  And with Kate knowing everything about everyone. Well let's just say it scared a few people quite a bit. But it did keep people out of her way, which kept Kate satisfied. And of course being an only child, and just being Kate meant she gets everything. No matter how big or how small. She gets just what she wants. And sometimes even has people to do it for her. The queen bee had to many guys to count swooning over her, but Kate never even gave most of them a second look. Mostly because the majority were not worthy to lick the ground she walked on. At least that's how Kate looked at it. And Kate was perfectly happy with the way things were. And she  would never ever have it any other way. 
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