Safe and Sound

Kate's life is perfect. She has everything she's ever wanted and more. But what happens when her life takes a turn for the worst? Leaving her perfect world to go off on her own, refusing to open up to anyone. But what happens when she meets a certain blonde haired blue eyed boy? Will she let him in? Or will she stay in her lonely miserable state of life forever?


3. Chapter Two

The next few days Kate still went to school, she was still thinking everything over. Those days were hard for Kate. She started driving away most people. She was unapproachable. Giving off a sad depressed vibe. No one wanted to be around someone like that. 
   Kate hasn't told anyone else about what happened. She tries not to think about it, but even so she cries herself to sleep every night. Just as Kate was packing up her things to leave school for the day, Hanna came up to her.
"Ok Kate. What gives?" She asked her a bit demanding. Kate just looked at Hanna and mumbled a "Nothing."
"That's a lie Kate. You've been so distant and moody lately. Come on Kate, tell me what's wrong." Hanna asked again. Kate looked at her with  sad eyes and sighed. 
"My parents... a-are... d-dead." Kate replied barley loud enough for Hanna to hear. But she definitely had heard, because she laughed right in Kate's face. 
"Your such a liar, Kate." she stated. A single tear escaped Kate's eye as she looked at the ground. 
"It's... It's t-true." She stuttered out, still looking at the ground. Her 'best friend' continued laughing in her face. Some bystanders started laughing along with Hanna. Even if they didn't know why. Since everything has happened with Kate and people started turning away from her, Hanna took over role of being the new queen bee as well as head cheerleader. Hanna became the 'it girl'. Which meant everything she did people followed. Even if it meant laughing right in Kate's face for reasons unknown. 
   Some people looked sympathetically at Kate, but it didn't help. She was still being laughed at. Kate couldn't take it anymore. She grabbed her bag and ran out of the school. Ignoring everyone, and not looking back. Kate climbed in her car and drove home, trying not to let her tears completely wipe out her vision. 
   The second Kate was inside, she dropped everything and ran up the stairs to her room. On the way the her room, Kate went past her parents' bedroom. The door has been closed, and everything inside was untouched. And thats how Kate intended on keeping it.
   She shoved her door open wider walking inside. She pulled out a duffle bag from under her bed throwing as much as she could inside. Clothes, books, chargers, her teddy bear from when she was little, and a few pictures. As she finished, she took one last look at her room blowing it a small kiss and walking out. She pulled the door closed and carried her bag downstairs. Once Kate was standing in the living room she looked around making sure she didn't forget anything to important. Sighing she headed out the door grabbing her set of keys and locking the door. She popped the trunk and threw her bag in, slamming it shut. Climbing in the drivers side, she picked up her phone. Still a little worked up and teary from earlier, Kate choked on her words as she sent them into the phone.
"Hi, I'd like a ticket for the next flight to London."
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