Safe and Sound

Kate's life is perfect. She has everything she's ever wanted and more. But what happens when her life takes a turn for the worst? Leaving her perfect world to go off on her own, refusing to open up to anyone. But what happens when she meets a certain blonde haired blue eyed boy? Will she let him in? Or will she stay in her lonely miserable state of life forever?


2. Chapter One

It was another typical day at school for Kate. Wake up, dress for the best, get to school, break hearts, and rule everyone. The final bell of school sounded giving everyone permission to leave and go home. Kate made her way outside to the student parking lot, where her silver porsche was parked. She climbed inside, saying goodbye to her friends, and left for home. 

   She pulled into her driveway, climbing out of her car and locking it. She kicked the door open and stepped inside dropping her bag. 
"Mom, Dad" she called out wondering where her parents were. They said they would be home today.
"Mom, Dad?" she tried again, but there was still no answer. She tried to shake it off, and proceeded up the stairs to her bedroom where her laptop sat. But as she passed her parents' room, she felt the need to go in. She pushed the almost closed to open wider so she could get inside. But what she found when she entered was not what she expected at all. What she saw in that bedroom almost made her faint. 

   In the corner of the room, sprawled out, were both her parents. Dead. Stabbed. Gone forever. Kate could barley move, unable to ever describe all the emotions running through her. Kate finally managed to somewhat grab hold of herself, and reach for her cell phone. Still stuck in place she hastily dialed 911. When she heard the operators voice, she could barely speak.
"My  parents... They.. They're..... Dead." Was All she could manage to choke out when the lady on the other line asked for her emergency. She quickly gave the lady her adress the best she could without completely breaking down.

   As soon as she hung up, Kate peeled herself off the spot she was standing on, and ran back down the stairs sliding down the wall next to the stairs putting her head in her hands.

   Minutes later, she heard the sirens coming down her street and stop in front of her house. The door busted open, and the emergency people stopped at her feet. Kate figured they wanted to know where her parents were, so she simply pointed up the stairs. Still unable to speak. And with that the nurses and police raced up the stairs to retrieve her parents' bodies. Another cop came over and stopped in front of Kate.
"Hello, I am Officer Ryan Smith." he spoke. Kate lifted her hand in attempt to say hello. The officer continued.
"I just need to ask you a few questions." Kate nodded her head allowing him to continue.
"One, what's your name sweetheart?" he asked, attempting to be nice to Kate. 
"Kate." she replied quietly. He jotted it down in his notebook and continued.
"How and when did you find your parents." he asked Kate. 
"When I got home from school. Right before I called the police." She spoke quietly, as the officer had to get a tad bit closer to hear her. 
"And when I went upstairs to my room, I looked in there and saw them." Kate finished trying not to choke on her tears. He nodded.
"Last question Kate." She looked up at him.
"How old are you?" 
"Eighteen." She replied simply. Just as she finished answering, and the cop stood to leave, the nurses brought down two gurneys from upstairs. Hastily bringing them to the ambulance outside. Kate just stared after them as they rushed out the door. Her eyes started watering. The cop, who hadn't left yet,  looked down at her. 
"I'm sorry." He said to Kate. She just nodded. And with that everyone cleared out of her house. 
   As soon as everyone was out the door, Kate broke down. She couldn't take it. That was it. Kate was alone. There was no one else left. Her mom and dad were just killed. Kate hadn't a clue what to do about anything. To many emotions to describe were running through Kate's mind. Sadness and anger mostly. Sad that her parents, the ones who raised her were dead. And anger, at whoever dared to do this to her parents. But then again, Kate was also scared. Scared of what would happen. And most of all, scared that whoever this was would come after Kate. Kate didn't know what to do, or where to go. But one thing for sure was she couldn't stay there. Kate is eighteen. She can live on her own. She especially doesn't want to stay in the house her parents were killed in. Kate thought, long and hard. And then it hit her. Her great grandfather owned a house in London. No one lives there, but it still belongs to her family. That's where Kate would be headed. London.
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