Something Special

When Georgia is faced with life's worst moments she seeks help and along the way picks up a love for a special boy she said she would never fall for. A one direction story <3


2. Good bye

Georgias pov

tonight was my best friend Lucy's birthday shes having a massive at a club but I'm not aloud to go. Carl says its for my own good and i wouldn't be safe. well im going he cant stop me and im not coming back id rather die than go through more pain yep pain im not talking just mental im talking physical it started when i was 12 my mum went to our local shop so he took this as his firstace  opportunity to hit me, i was doing my homework, takeaways, and i needed help "carl can i have some help" i shouted. He was up stares not wanting to be disturbed but i did unfortunately he must have been having a bad day because he stormed down the stares shouting " thats all you ever want but you end up having it all done for you silly cow this is the last time i will ever help you, must be thick if you cant even do takeaways" i sat there shocked what had he just said he called me a cow what? " Pardon me for asking maybe i should die youd be happy then wouldnt you, you evil man my mum is mad to love you i wish my dad didnt live in Australia or id be on the phone to him right now to kick your head in!" i screamed oops i might have gone a bit to far there. So he raised his tightly clenched fist and punched me straight in the face. did he just do that i shouted in pain he didnt care he just turned and went back upstairs.     

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