Something Special

When Georgia is faced with life's worst moments she seeks help and along the way picks up a love for a special boy she said she would never fall for. A one direction story <3


3. Good bye part 2

Georgia's P.O.V

ever since then he's used me as a human punch bag. maybe i deserve it? Maybe I am a cow? I still can't believe he said that!! 

So yea one horrible day when I was 15 Carl had hit me so hard round the face I decided is couldn't take it any more so I rang my mum and told her what had been happening.she couldn't believe it when I told her she was shocked, sad, disappointed  angry and scared all at the same time but when I told her how long he'd been hitting me for she then felt upset that I hadn't told her about it well duh its not that easy " oh yea Carl hits me" no it is hard to do.As soon as i put the phone down my mum drove the car as fast as she could trying to get home to rescue me. 30 minutes later we got a call from the hospital saying my mum had died in a car accident. The last thing she said was save my daughter.

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