Something Special

When Georgia is faced with life's worst moments she seeks help and along the way picks up a love for a special boy she said she would never fall for. A one direction story <3


1. Crazy love

Georgias pov
I am beginning to hate my step dad ever since my mum died he thinks he's the big so and so I really need to leave I mean come on he treats me like a baby I'm 17 not 2. Anyway I'm Georgia I'm 17 and I live in London with my step dad. I have blonde straight hair and turquoise eyes I have olive skin and I like one direction. I hate cheer leaders they think there so cool and pretty but there not there cows who have no lives, I also hate there boyfriends they think there cool cause they play football or some other sport. I get bullied by cheerleaders cause I'm not cool. I don't really care I keep my head down and keep quiet. I have 1 or 2 friends but they go to different schools to me so my lonely at school.
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