Toms and suspenders

This is a story of two best friends, isis Aguilar, and Louis Tomlinson. They've been best friends since birth isis would get bullied while Louis was the most popular kid in high school. Everything was fine until the evil Celeste nava started dating Louis n she is the most popular girl n school. Celeste and isis hate each other too. Will isis and Louis still be friends or not? This is my first one so please help me thanx!!!! :)


3. You again

Isis pov: Me and dani were walking down the beach that's close to our hotel. We were the only ones there for some reason. We were sitting down on a bench when this blonde dude with sunglasses was walking by with 4 other people and was smiling at me. "Creep" I wisperd. "Hey let's go back to the hotel it's getting kinda boring here"dani said. "True, lets go" I said We went to the hotel and to our room. It was dark and we couldn't see anything. The door closed and we couldn't find the lift switch. Then I felt some arms wrap around me. "This isn't funny dani" I said. "I didn't do anything" dani said. She turned on the lights and there was this guy carrying me with a black mask on. I screamed and kicked him in the........ya that place. I screamed and dropped me on the ground and I hit my butt. "'s me......niall....." I knew that voice right away. "omg niall im sooooo sorry!!!" i said. i started kissing all over his face but his lips."hahaha ok isis, im fine lol" he said   i helped him up. "how did you get in here?" i asked "ohhhh,i kinda told the person at the front desk, that im ingaged to you." he said shyly "awwwhhh what? but he liked me! he gave me free stuff!" i said "so who are your friends?" i asked as i walked up to them. "hi im isis!" i said "hey im zayn"a boy with black hair said. i went to the next boy who had brown hair. "hi im liam payne" he said "im isis! nice to meet you!" i shaked his hand and went to the next boy who is wearing strips and suspenders. "omg!!! i used to wore those type of clothes,well when i was a nerd in high school, i wore those type of strips and suspenders!" the boy was looking down and was bitting his lips. he looked up "hello isis" he said, i saw those blue eyes once again. i backed away and i was about to cry. i guessed he knew cuz he made an apologizic face to me. i shaked it off and turned to niall. "so what brings you here niall?" i asked,"well i had to see my bffl!!!" he said while picking me up and twirling me around. after when he put me down we heard louis cough. "is there something rong lad?" niall asked,"no everything, is just prefectly fine" louis says. "sorry but im going to go for a walk make yourself at home guys, and dani,please stay." she sighed,"fine" she said. i was about to leave, until i felt someone grab my hand, it was louis,"umm do you mind if i join?" "uhh sure" i said. we went down the elevator and when it stopped on the lobby i went to the front desk. "excuse me, but you led a complete stranger in my hotel room" i said,"im soooo sorry ma'am, do i need to call the police or anything?" he asked. i giggled,"no he's my best friend, but next time please give me a call" he sighed,"yes ma'am" "thanks love!" i said while blowing a kiss to him, i forgot all about louis. "wow my little isis has changed" he said, my little isis? "oh sorry i forgot you where here n yea ever since you chose celeste over me" i said,"isis im sooo sorry" he said "no louis its-" i got cut off by him hugging me "im so happy i found you!" he said. was he crying? i felt some wetness on my cheek, yep he was he pulled away and cupped my face. he started leaning in."louis?! what the heck?!" he pulled away "YOU DONT FANCY THE LOUIS TOMMO???" he said. he walked away and sat on a bench and sighed. i sat beside him. "so whats with the stripes and suspenders, trying to steal ny swagg?" i asked,"no its just a way to remiend me about you" he said,"oh ok, so do you wanna go back or....." i said "no, come with me, i need to show you something" he said

(a/n) sorry guys i've been busy with school and i went to a sleepover so yea hope you like i love you guys!!!


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