The possibilities book

This is Seiren Belmont. A typical girl who likes listening music, writing, reading, hanging out with her best friends, especially with someone she's known for so long and someone she met by chance. The one and only Louis Tomlinson. They came across a website that described a project called "The Possibilities Book." She compels him to enter the X-Factor show and succeeds. Louis breaks her heart when she finds out he has to be away from her and that led them to drift each other apart.. Seiren continued fulfilling her passion for photography and Louis is living his dream in a boy band. How will these two come across?


2. The Possibilities Book

Seiren's POV

Today marks the week before I finish my Senior year in high school. It was Friday in the afternoon. I was casually sitting on my bed with Louis. He comes very often to my house. I was writing my stories, reading them, texting my friends. Well, doing what any other teen does. As I was browsing into the internet with Louis, and suddenly we came across this site that it said:

"The Possibilities book."

"What is this, Sei?" Louis asked as I continued scrolling the page.
"I am not sure, Boobear. It appears to be a book." I answered.
"What does it say about it?" He asked.
"Apparently its like a project. It says that you can make this book with friends and write in it your dreams, your favorite things, write anything you like, keep record of how much you have made to make this dream come true. Its simple." I explained.
"It's interesting. Let's do it!" Louis said, excitedly.
"What?" I asked.
"It'll be fun!" Louis said, grinning.
"Alright. I'll look for a new notebook." I said as I got up from my bed.

I remember I had in a shelf an unused notebook. I always said, I wanted to use this notebook for something meaningful, and now I have found that meaningful thing. As I came back to Louis, we opened the notebook and looked at the instructions described on my laptop's screen.

Louis POV

I dictated Seiren the instructions. I've always tried to do things with her, because I always enjoy her company.

-Get a fresh, unused notebook.
-Write, anything ranging from dreams to anything you love.
-Write what you think will help you to fulfill that purpose.
-If you want to make this book with another friend, take turns and write 3 dreams each.
-If you haven't fulfilled that dream, try to read it again and gain moral strength to keep on to accomplish that dream.

"Okay, we wrote the instructions. Now, who starts?" Seiren asked.
"You first, Sei." I replied.

--My dream is to become a professional photographer.--
--Capture beautiful moments and show them to the world.--
--Find my true love.--

As I read her dreams, I saw her blush faintly when I read the last one. She looked cute.

"Awesome, Love!" I answered, encouraging her.
"Thanks, Boobear." She smiled.
"Okay, now's my turn, right?" I asked.
"Yes." She replied.

I haven't given much thought about my dreams. I only knew I wanted to sing but nothing more than that. Now I have to think of other 2.

--I want to sing to a crowd of people.--
--Live my dream.--
--Find that girl that will make me want to love her to no end.--

I saw her reading my dreams and she went "awww." I felt a little embarrassed but I am glad that I could write this on a paper and share this with my best friend.

"Okay. we wrote this on this notebook and now, who will keep it?" Sei asked.
"You keep it. I have a messy room and I will probably lose it." I answered.

Seiren POV

"Okay, I'll keep it. We must try to fulfill this dream, okay?" I said.
"Okay, Sei." Louis answered.
"Okay. I am going to turn on the TV." Sei said.

I turned on the TV and scrolled through the channels and came across to the ever-popular X-Factor commercial. Then something clicked inside my head. I screamed.

"LOUIIIIIIIS!!" I yelled.
"Seiren! what's wrong?" I asked.
"I think I found a way to make your dreams come true." I said, with a wide grin.
"What?" Louis asked.

Louis POV

I looked at the TV screen and saw the popular TV commercial. I looked at her, but she looked at me excitedly.

"Louis! don't you get it? Try your luck in getting to the X-factor show!" She said, happily.
"Sei, I know you have hopes, but I don't know." I said, not sure about this.
"Come on, Louis." She begged.
"Seiren..." I said.
"Louis, that's your dream. We need to fight for them to become true. Also, remember the instructions." Seiren said.
"..." I remained silent.
"Please, Louis..." She said.
"Uhhhh..." I managed to mumble.
"Pleeeaaaaseee...? For me?" She said, with her adorable pouty face. That is the reason why I always agree with 99.9% of what she says.
"Ahahaha! " I laughed.
"Yes?" She asked, once again.
"Okay, Seiren. I'll think about it." I finally replied.
"YES!" She yelled, as she hugged me, while I hugged her back.

She jotted down the phone number, the address and the date of the auditions. I am quite sure, something good will come from this.

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