The possibilities book

This is Seiren Belmont. A typical girl who likes listening music, writing, reading, hanging out with her best friends, especially with someone she's known for so long and someone she met by chance. The one and only Louis Tomlinson. They came across a website that described a project called "The Possibilities Book." She compels him to enter the X-Factor show and succeeds. Louis breaks her heart when she finds out he has to be away from her and that led them to drift each other apart.. Seiren continued fulfilling her passion for photography and Louis is living his dream in a boy band. How will these two come across?


5. Oh, how wrong I was.

Seiren POV.

After I sent him a night text, I only stared at the ceiling and felt happy for Louis. He was going to achieve the dream that he always wanted. I suppose that he will spend all his time in there and I will hardly see him. The time when college starts is nearing and I wont stand the fact that Louis and I wont see each other as long as we do. I wonder if Louis had realized that. Its so sad to think about that. I saw once again the 3 things he wrote on the notebook.

--I want to sing to a crowd of people.--
--Live my dream.--
--Find that girl that will make me want to love her to no end.--

I cried hard that night. I tossed the notebook on the other corner of my room and cried bitterly. Louis was going to be away from me. I hate this. I cringed even more when I read the last dream he had written in there. He would surely find her, and I wouldn't know.

Louis POV.

I received her last text and I still can't believe that I am going to be fulfilling my dream next week that starts. She must be glad to know that I followed her advice and did this for my dream. I wonder if she feels a little sad that we aren't going see each other as much as we can. But I think we can deal with this, right?

Next Week.

I can't believe that I am going to stay here and keep going on with this. I saw Sei waving her hand as I began to walk towards the building. She seemed weird all past week. I am wondering what's wrong but I bet she is fine.

Seiren POV

I had let all of the depressing thoughts I had in the previous week slide away. I didn't want Louis to be worried about me and not focus on the X-Factor. I tried to hide the tears. When I was bidding goodbye to Louis, I actually felt it like the last time I was ever going to see him. Ever. My parents saw me crying in the back seat and my brother Adrian soothed me throughout the whole trip home. In 2 days I had to get my baggage ready because I was going to USA to study photography. I had told Louis I had a scholarship because of my grades but I never told him where exactly. He just assumed that I was going to University of Manchester. I hope that I can deal these 4 years quite smoothly.

AN: Happy new years!! Sorry, I couldn't upload another chapter. I had a writers block and it seems it hasn't worn off D': This is a shitty chapter. I'll write next chapter probably tomorrow :D


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