The possibilities book

This is Seiren Belmont. A typical girl who likes listening music, writing, reading, hanging out with her best friends, especially with someone she's known for so long and someone she met by chance. The one and only Louis Tomlinson. They came across a website that described a project called "The Possibilities Book." She compels him to enter the X-Factor show and succeeds. Louis breaks her heart when she finds out he has to be away from her and that led them to drift each other apart.. Seiren continued fulfilling her passion for photography and Louis is living his dream in a boy band. How will these two come across?


1. My Life

Hi, my name is Seiren Kaethe Belmont-Sorensen. I am 17 going on 18. I am the youngest of 1 sister and a brother. They are Lisanna and Adrian. Lisanna is already in college studying chemical engineering, while Adrian will be in my senior year, we are both twins, anyway. My parent's names are Hadrian and Isabelle. He works as an aircraft pilot and my mom as a stewardess and with that fact alone, pretty much explains how they got to know each other. My dream is to go to college and study photography.

I am pretty happy with my life. I have a loving family who supports me, I have my music that brightens every day, my stories that I constantly put up on blogs with hope of new visitors to read them and give me positive feedback. The various kind of books I've read and taught me valuable lessons when I had my free time. My friends who always are there, and last but not least, my long time and best friend Louis. Louis William Tomlinson Lewis.

We both got to know each other by visiting each others home, now that our mothers were best friends way back before we were even born. He is my rock. He had been there when I didn't have a friend in kindergarten, when I learned how to ride a bike with him, when I was rejected by my crush and when I went through a break-up. It sounds silly, but that's a way of explaining how he had been there through thick and thin. I really appreciate him for that.

I really hope it stays that way. I can't see a life without him and without all the blessings I have now.

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