The Spuker trilogy: Book 1: The Unwanteds

Thesus Watertick is just a normal teenage girl. If you count being a gorgon from Greek Mythology normal. She is the daughter of Medusa and has a twin brother Persus. But will they find out something about they're lives that they never wanted to happen.

Stardem Thunderstar is not your typical normal teenage girl. Stardem is an orphan, so she knows her parents are dead. She has 3 sister named, Starthen and Startri. Stardem doesn't really have any connection to the outside world. All she ever does is go out the woods and hunt. What she always wanted is have a really fun and dangerous adventure but when she found out something about her family, her world turned upside down.


19. Thesus: Pandora you sexist pig

 The girl with the emerald necklace handed me my necklace. She looked like the girl in my dream named Stardem.

 "Your Stardem, right?" I asked.

 "Yeah. Your Thesus, correct." She asked.

 "Yeah." I said.

 "Thesus. Thesus!" Pandora yelled.

 "Yeah." I called at him.

 "You okay?" He asked.

 Well I'm standing right next to you without a scratch. No duh.

 "Yes." I rolled my eyes.

 "Whose this." He said seductively to Stardem.

 "Pig. This is Stardem." I said.

 "Helloooo, Stardem." He held out the o.

 "Hi." She said softly.

 He leaned on the wall. I made sure my necklace was securely on.

 "What were you?" She asked me.

 "Oh thats my true form." I said.

 "I know, but what are you?" She asked.

 "Oh. I'm a gorgon. Medusa's daughter." I said.

 "Medusa. The same Medusa from the Greek myths?" She asked.

 "Yes." I said threw clenched teeth.

 "Can you really turn people to stone? Can you turn people to stone with one look?" She asked.

 What was this. Ask Medusa's offspring a million questions day.

 "Yes. Can we go now." I said.

 "Sure." A voice behind me said.

 "Eoj! Your okay." I said a lil' excited.

 "Yeah. So are you." He said.

 I couldn't help but throw myself into his arms. He laughed and wrapped his arms around me.

 "Lets get something to eat." Pandora said.

 "Okay." The four of us agreed.

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