The Spuker trilogy: Book 1: The Unwanteds

Thesus Watertick is just a normal teenage girl. If you count being a gorgon from Greek Mythology normal. She is the daughter of Medusa and has a twin brother Persus. But will they find out something about they're lives that they never wanted to happen.

Stardem Thunderstar is not your typical normal teenage girl. Stardem is an orphan, so she knows her parents are dead. She has 3 sister named, Starthen and Startri. Stardem doesn't really have any connection to the outside world. All she ever does is go out the woods and hunt. What she always wanted is have a really fun and dangerous adventure but when she found out something about her family, her world turned upside down.


24. Stardem: The First Trick

This is why I do not like the ocean. Bad things happen to me, its like the ocean doesn't even like me. What on earth did I ever do to water, beside drinking it? I able to hold my breathe for like 5 minute because if you live where I'm from and your hunting for animals, you need to be really quiet in order survive. I look around but all I can see is the dark blue ocean. Why is everything so blurry? I'm falling deeper and deeper into the ocean.  For some reason, I felt a sudden of deja vu. Ugh, why I never learn to swim. Even if I could swim, the water is just pushing me down. I wish Dan was here, he would save me.

"Use the wand." Said the voice. Wow, haven't heard of him in a while.

"What wand?" I thought.

"The wand from your dream."

"How on earth is that suppose to help me?!?"

"Imagine a wand from your dreams."

"Imagine a- What?!"

"Hurry, or else you won't live."


I try to think of any dreams that include a wand, do you know how hard is to think of a dream that you can barley remember. I'm thinking so hard, is like I'm trying to think before I'm about to be eaten alive by wild animals. Which happens a lot. Anyway, I finally though of one. It's a dream that I had when I was a little kid. It was about me joining some wizard school and I was the best. The wand I had a really bright yellow star and the stick has a swirly stripe colors, which is my 3 favorite colors. Green, blue and black, but mostly green. Then I open my eyes and the wand magically appeared in front of me. It was the exact wand that I had in my dream. I grabbed with my hand, and the second I touch it, I can feel some kind of spark through my body.

"Now think of a spell to use its magic." Said the voice.

"How?" I ask.

"Imagine, that is how your are going to survive on your journey."


I didn't have enough time, my lungs feel like its gonna explode. What spell can make me breathe underwater? Imagine... Maybe I had to make one up. But how can I talk underwater? Maybe I should think it.

"Breathe in, breathe out, that I shall do underwater." I thought.

 Then I saw the wand glowing and feel its magic going through my mind. I didn't know it work but I couldn't hold my breathe much longer. I let go out of my breath and I was scare to breathe in, but I did it anyway.

"Wow, I can breathe. I can breathe! I can breathe?" I said in many ways. "How can this even be possible?  What kind of human breathe underwater?"

"But your not human, aren't you?"

"Oh yea."

"Now once you find your friend, you have to go to Poseidon Island." And after that I didn't here him anymore.

 I was still falling deeper until I reached on the ground. When I touch the floor I saw a whole bunch of different kind of fish staring at me and they all around me in some huge circle. They started to talk to each other. Wait a second. Why am I hearing fishes talk?

"Is that a human there?" Said some blue fish.

"I don't think so, I mean human can't even breathe underwater! Am I right?" The orange fish joke and everyone...I mean, fish laugh.

"You think its dangerous?" Said a pink squid.

"Maybe she's one of those Greek kids." Said a shark, he speaks in an Australian accents. "Hey kid, are you one of those Greek kids? Like she can understand." The shark laugh and so did everyone else.

"Yea I can understand you, and no, I'm not a Greek kid." I said and sound to act tough.

The fishes stood still, its like they are paralyze. The shark swim in closer to me, he is right in front of my face.

"What's your name kid?" Said Shark.

"Who wants to know?" I still try to act tough.

"Me and my huge teeth." He show off his teeth with a big grin. But I still have to be tough.

"I'm Stardem, the ship that I was in, crash my this tsunami and I fell in deep." I heard and saw fishes talking to each other. I heard my name a lot in the same question. They said, "Did she say she's Stardem?"

"Wait, you are Stardem, as in Stardem Thunderstar?" Said the Shark.

"Yea, how did you know?" I ask.

"Their is a lot of things we know about you."

"How? I never even met you."

"Let's just say, we know someone you haven't seen in a longtime."

"Who? Is it uncle Mania?" I joke.

"Wow, kid got guts. Do you want me to take you to the shore?"

"Yes please, but who do you know that I haven't in a longtime?"

"You'll find out soon enough."

"O-kay, but can you help me find my friend and then take me to Poseidon Island?"

"Sure, when is the last time you saw them?"

"I'm not sure, but they couldn't be that far."

"Well than, we have to hurry their mate."

"By the way, do you have a name."

"Yea mate, its Devian."

"Well than Devian, we should start looking... Mate." I spoke in an Australian accent.

 I hop on his back and we started to look around. I hope they're alright.

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