The Spuker trilogy: Book 1: The Unwanteds

Thesus Watertick is just a normal teenage girl. If you count being a gorgon from Greek Mythology normal. She is the daughter of Medusa and has a twin brother Persus. But will they find out something about they're lives that they never wanted to happen.

Stardem Thunderstar is not your typical normal teenage girl. Stardem is an orphan, so she knows her parents are dead. She has 3 sister named, Starthen and Startri. Stardem doesn't really have any connection to the outside world. All she ever does is go out the woods and hunt. What she always wanted is have a really fun and dangerous adventure but when she found out something about her family, her world turned upside down.


12. Stardem: The first feeling

It was Dan, he just jumped in front of and start attacking the hounds with a a cool sword. Wow, he is actually good at it, no, he was great. I wanted to help, so I pulled my sword right out of the belt and started slicing the hounds in half. Just after a while of killing hounds, the rest started to run away. I guessed they were afraid. I was so happy it was over.

"Thanks for helping Dan, I couldn't d-" I said when Dan cuts me off.

"Are you crazy, why did you go alone, why did you left the house so soon, did u know how worried I was about you?!?" He questioned, while shouting.

"Why, because like I told you I needed to go back home and I had a feeling that you would come with me, but I didn't want you get hurt out here and yes, I'm crazy." I said. He looked at me and he started to cool down a bit."Why was he so worried about me?" I thought.

"Look I'm sorry that I'd had to leave so early, but I just don't want to loose the only friend I got." I said.

"I was the only friend you got, what do y-"

"Remember, I don't go to school or anything. The place that I only go is the woods around my house."

"Oh, then, I'm sorry that I yelled you like that, I just got really worried about you, I thought someone kidnapped you or something."

"You were worried about me, why? You don't think I can handle myself?"

"No, it was nothing like that, I just can't really explain it."

"Why? Just tell it to my face, I can handle it."

"I'm not comfortable saying it."

"Why not, I'm not gonna tell nobody."

Dan started walking towards to me until he's right in front of me. He started talking but could barley get the words out of his mouth, until he said something that I totally didn't expected.

"I'm... I'm... In love with you." He said.

"Ok, umm... How I'm suppose to feel, because I totally didn't get the 'I love you' thing, you know because I'm totally new what you know." I said.

Dan started to touch my face with his warm furry gloves, and looked me straightly in the eye. His face started to lean closer and closer to my face. I didn't do anything at all, I didn't know what he was gonna do. Then he kissed me. Not on the head, not on the cheek, but on the lips. Who does that! Then it kinda felt nice. I closed my eyes and after 5 second later we stopped. My heart was beating like crazy, I never felt like this.

"Oh, so that how your suppose to feel." I said.

"I'm sorry, you just looked so beautiful." Said Dan.

"What do you see in me." I asked, I mean I don't think someone like him loves me.

"When you smile, it feels as if I have nothing to worry about, and how you pretty much not afraid, and I like how you are confidence about everything."

"Wow, that's the most sweetest things that anyone said to me." Well of course it's the only sweetest thing that any said to me.

Then I saw something on Dan's arm. Oh my gosh, it was bleeding. I don't think he didn't notice. How can you not notice that your arm is bleeding.

"Dan, your arm, it's bleeding!" I said.

"What, oh don't worry it's nothing to worry about." Said Dan.

"Nothing to worry?!? This is serious, here let me help you. Oh my gosh, one the hound must've scratch you."

I made him sit on the ground and told him to take of his jacket. Then I saw him wearing long sleeve shirt. I didn't want to ask to take off his shirt. Though he knew he had to, so he took it of. Woah. Anyway I ripped of a part of "my" jacket and tied it around the bleeding arm.

"Their, all better. How do you feel." I asked.

"Will I make it?" He joked. "Yup, you didn't lose that much of blood thanks to the weather."

We both laughed. Dan put back his cloth on. After that, I saw some guy in some kind old robe. It came in closer and closer. Dan was about to pull his sword out, but I stopped him and told him it was alright.

"Are you a Stardem Thunderstar?" The guy in the hood asked.

"Yes, so?" I said.

"This is for you."

He gave me some fancy envelope.

"What is it?" I asked. But when I looked he was no where in sight. I opened the envelop and their were 2 ticket to some boat. The S.S Poseiden. What on Earth?

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