The Spuker trilogy: Book 1: The Unwanteds

Thesus Watertick is just a normal teenage girl. If you count being a gorgon from Greek Mythology normal. She is the daughter of Medusa and has a twin brother Persus. But will they find out something about they're lives that they never wanted to happen.

Stardem Thunderstar is not your typical normal teenage girl. Stardem is an orphan, so she knows her parents are dead. She has 3 sister named, Starthen and Startri. Stardem doesn't really have any connection to the outside world. All she ever does is go out the woods and hunt. What she always wanted is have a really fun and dangerous adventure but when she found out something about her family, her world turned upside down.


34. Stardem: The Dream

When we arrived at the boat, I didn't really did a great job hiding my tattoo. I can hear people whispering to one another about my tattoo. It's really annoying.

"So what do you want to do now?" I ask Thesus.

But she didn't reply. I look at her and she looks like she's in some trance, I look at her eyes and they seemed out of this world. I try waking her up and it took awhile for her to get back.

"Wait!" Thesus yelled. Everyone was staring.

"Uh... Nothing to see here people, just do what you do." I said to the crowd. "What happen Thesus?"

"I don't know. I thought I was somewhere else." Said Thesus.

She seemed a little scared. I can feel shaking a little.

"You're probably tired. Come on, lets get some Z's." I said.

Thesus nod. While we were trying to find a empty room, guard walked up to us. I hide my hand with the tattoo behind my back.

"May I see your ticket?" Said the guard.

Dang! He has a really deep voice, I barley understand him.

"Excuse me?" I said.

"I said, may I see your ticket PLEASE?!?"

Damn it. We don't have tickets. If he figure out that we don't have tickets, he'll sure throw us off the boat, and do not want to go back down there.

"Uhh... we left it in our room. Maybe later." I said.

I try to walk by pass him, but he blocked me.

"Than I guess you don't mind if I follow you to your room." Said the Guard.

"Yes, I do mind. Now can you please excuse me and my friend here."

"If you don't show me your ticket right now, I will have you walk the plank."

"So you want me to show you the tickets now?"


"Now now?"

"Yes." Said with a little anger.

"Now now now now?"


Before he finished the sentence, we ran off, trying to find a place to hide. The guard started chasing us, and DANG! He look like a bull chasing its meal, as if he is starve to death. For some reason I feel like beating the guy up and, WOAH, what am I saying, I don't beat up people. Anyway, Thesus and I are running around the hallway, until...

"Crap, it's a dead end. What do we do know?" Thesus said. "Stardem?"

Thesus looked at me as if she was worried. I'm breathing hard and my heart feels all negative, but it didn't last long.

"I'm fine." I said.

The guard is coming, and you can hear him breathing with anger around the corner.

"Any last word." I said, but when I turn to her, she want there. "Thesus?"

I touched the wall, and the next thing I knew, I'm getting suck in. I thought I would go to some different dimension, but instead, I end up in a room. Thesus is here as well. I don't know how we got here, but at least we're not getting chased by a physco maniac.

"Stardem, your eyes?" Thesus said.

"What?" I said.

"It's red!"


I look at myself at the mirror, and its true. Then my eyes turn back tomorrow. When I look at myself, I felt scared. Why is that. Then I was having this negative feeling inside of me again. I was about to fell, but Thesus helped before I could. She help me settle on the bed. I started breathing hard.

"Stardem what's wrong? What's happening?" Thesus said.

"I... don't... know." I said, breathing after word.

It stop again.

"You ok?" Said Thesus.

"Yea." I reply.

I got up, and summon up my wand. I wonder why it stop earlier. I tried to do a spell, nothing. I tried again, nothing. The third time... What the hell! It turned into dust. We both gasp.

"Your ... wand." Thesus said.

"Just forget it, it wasn't that much if help anyway, just go to bed." I lie.


We settle in bed. I turned to Thesus and she's already fast asleep. As so did I. Then I end up being in a place that seems familiar. That's it, the place full of clouds. Then a big light appeared right in front of me.

"Stardem, it's been awhile." Said the voice, or should say Zeus.

"Yes, it have been awhile Zeus, or should I say the most horrible father known to man kind." I said.

Then he showed his real form. Zeus, he looks like what I expected to be.

"So you know." Said Zeus.

I said nothing.

"Stardem, speak."

No reply from me.

"Stardem, don't be mad."

"Mad! Why wouldn't I be mad for the guy who made my family and I live in the middle of nowhere!"

"I only wanted you to be hidden and safe-"

"Safe! You call living in a small two-story house in the middle of forest that rains everyday, filled with hellhounds and wild beast safe!" I yelled.

"I have my reason."

"Than tell me! Or wait, you want to tell me some other day."

"First calm down!"

"Calm down, I-"

"I said calm down!" He yelled.

I started to calm down. We look at each other straight in the eye. His eyes, why do they frightened me.

"You and Thesus are in grave danger, you have the power want the enemy wants." Zeus said.

"What is it?" I ask.

"First you must learn a legend, a legend that you three must know."

"Three? You mean their is another one of us. Is it Pandora?"

"No, it's one of your cousin. Stardem, what ever you do, don't let your anger take control of you."

"What are you talking about?"

"When an Angel anger took over its self, it will regret it."


"Now show me your power!"


Just then a huge tornado appeared around, once it was done, I'm in a colosseum. Their are people cheering.

"Let the fight begin!" I heard some guy said. It's Zeus.

I looked at myself, and I look like a angel knight.

"What's going?!?" I said.

"Released the beast! Zues yell.

Then a huge Minotaur r appeared. It started to run right towards me. I ran around, dogging all of its move. The crowd started to boo.

"You call that fighting!"

"My grandmother can do better than you!"

"Come on, show some action!"

"I show you action." I thought.

I pulled my sword up, but before I can use it, the Minotaur scratch the side of my stomach and me loose grip of my sword. I jumped again before he attacks again. My stomach was bleeding to fast, I have to end the fight now. Why is Zeus doing this to me. I was right, he is a horrible father. That's when I feel all negative again. I look at the Minotaur, I didn't felt afraid anymore. No, wrong thing to say, I didn't felt myself anymore. I grabbed my sword as fast as I can and jumped in the air, ready to end him.

"Ready to be in hell." I said.

I slice him in half, and it turned into ashes. I turned around, somehow feeling proud of myself. What's going in with me? Why do I feel so negative, or what ever the word is? I look at Zeus and he seemed disappointed. No, can it be? Is my anger taking control of me?

"No!" I yell, and then awaken. "It was just a dream, but it felt so real."

I look at Thesus in case if I woke her up. Still sound asleep. I touch my stomach and look at my hand. It's cover in blood. It wasn't a dream.
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