The Spuker trilogy: Book 1: The Unwanteds

Thesus Watertick is just a normal teenage girl. If you count being a gorgon from Greek Mythology normal. She is the daughter of Medusa and has a twin brother Persus. But will they find out something about they're lives that they never wanted to happen.

Stardem Thunderstar is not your typical normal teenage girl. Stardem is an orphan, so she knows her parents are dead. She has 3 sister named, Starthen and Startri. Stardem doesn't really have any connection to the outside world. All she ever does is go out the woods and hunt. What she always wanted is have a really fun and dangerous adventure but when she found out something about her family, her world turned upside down.


40. Stardem: Of To Delphi

    Chrysaor called more of his men. I don't know if he's taken this fight seriously or not because most of the men here looks pretty lame, really buff, but lame. This should be interesting. All of the men has swords and were surrounding me and Thesus. I tuck in my wings, to let them know that this just a sword fight. We were back to back, holding our sword as tightly as we can, waiting for someone to make the first move.

 "What are you men doing?!? Attack already!" Chrysaor attack.

  The men started to jump on us but we were able to jump out the way and attack from above.

 "Stardem! I take this half, you take the other half!" Thesus said.

 "Aye sir!" I said.

 "Try attacking with the non-sharp side of the sword. We don't want to kill'em."

 "Why not?"

 "What do mean 'why not'?!?"

 I ignore her and did what she said. I attack half of the men in a blink of an eye. Thesus pretty much did the same but some them she turned them into statues. After all that, we were able to beat all the men in this boat. I was hoping this would be more of a challenge. Next up, Chrysaor. When we turned to him, he got Pandora and was holding up his sworn next to Pandora's neck.

 "What will it be? Will you let me live and let your friend go or do you want to see your piggy friend head to come off." Chrysaor said with a grin.

 "Chrysaor, that's taking things to low! Come and fight like man you think you are!" Thesus yelled.

 "I would be nice if I were you." Chrysaor said while holding the sword closer to Pandora.

 "Crap! What do we do Stardem?...Stardem?"

 "Shhh... I'm trying to concentrate." I said.

 "Huh?" Thesus said.

 "Remember, one step and the pig gets it." Chrysaor said.

 "Do something you two!" Said Pandora.

 "Zip it kid!" Said Chrysaor.

 "That's it! I totally realize something!" I said.

 "What!?!" Said Thesus.

 "That you two look nothing alike!" I said.

 "WHAT!!!" Everyone said, even the men who are knock out.

 "Are you serious!?! That what you're thinking now!?!" Thesus shouted.

 "I mean look at you two. You may me siblings but I bet no one can notice that. I mean you're this and that and him just makes people wonder what have he been doing with his life. I have siblings n' I know that people can tell we are related. I guess it doesn't happen to most siblings." I said.

  I saw everybody with their blank expressions, they completely turn white. That's when I make my move. I ran lightning speed at him and knock him in the head, which made lose grip of Pandora. I jumped in the air and spread my black wings. I grabbed Thesus and Pandora and took them on top of the ship.

 "Quick! Find a small boat or something." I said.

 "Wait, I remember when I got here, I heard some men say they have a submarine below the ship." Pandora said.

 "Then why are we up here!? Dive in!" I said.

  We all dive in the ocean. I'm starting to hate it again. Anyway, Pandora was right. We saw a really cool submarine, I think, I'm not sure what its like. Their are chains that are tied to ship. Thesus sliced it with her sword. The submarine got set free. Now all we got to do is get in. It seems Thesus knew it was a magic sub. You can go through without opening the door. Me and Pandora did the same. We got in and let me tell you this, the inside looks way bigger that what it looks like in inside. I look at Thesus and she was looking how to start the thing. It seems it needed some key. Or should I say some power. I put my finger where the key whole is and did an electric charge. The engine turn on, I grab on to the wheel and we set sail. Hehe, we got their out alive. We all let out a big sigh and relief.

 "We made it!" Thesus and Pandora said while jumping.

 "By the way, thanks for savin' me out their. I totally owe you one. The stunt you did was hilarious." Said Pandora.

 "Next time, you might want be more useful. You might not get that lucky next time." I said.


 "Now where do we have to set sail, mates?" I said.

 "We have to go Delphi." Thesus said.

 "Where's that?" Pandora said.

 "I'm not sure. In my dream, I heard Poseidon talking about."

 "That soo useful." I said.

 "Hey, its not my fault." Said Thesus.

   I ignore her.

 *Thesus POV*

  "Thesus, what's up with Stardem? She seems different. Wasn't she all nice, now she's more meaner. Did you guys got into a fight or something?" Pandora whisper to me.

  "No. Maybe she's mad because of Dan. No that's not it. She seemed mad before that. I'm not sure, but her eyes are creeping me out." Said Thesus.

 'Stardem, what happened to you? What happen to the one I know? I have a bad feeling that you'll something you'll regret.' I thought.

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