One direction imagines :)

If u want an imagine just comment below give me a name,one d member


4. Zayn for Rhiannon

You and zayn have been married for 2 years now and you and him were celebrating by going out but little did he know you are pregnant. You arrive at a bar and before you go in you pull him aside
Zayn: what is it babe
You: zayn I have to tell you something... I'm pregnant
Zayn: are you serious
You: yeah I am
Zayn : babe we don't have 2 stay here considering you can't drink
You: enjoy yourself
Zayn: I can't enjoy myself if my beautiful wife isn't enjoying herself
You look down and blush
You: are so cheesy mr. Zayn Malik
Zayn: I know I am mrs. Rhiannon Malik
You tell the boys the news and they all congratulate you and since you can't drink you and zayn go home and spend the rest of the night watching your favorite movies and you cook him his favorite meal and before going 2 bed you share a long passionate kiss with your awesome husband and soon 2 be baby daddy
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