One direction imagines :)

If u want an imagine just comment below give me a name,one d member


2. Niall for Gabrielle (gabgiz)

You had just brought home your newborn baby girl bailey with your husband Niall. You were holding her and Niall was putting up all of your gifts that you had received when Niall came back
Niall: Gabrielle I can't believe my life I have a beautiful wife an a beautiful daughter how could anything get better
You: I don't know Niall but I love my life and I wouldn't change a single thing in it
Niall:me either
You:I'm gonna go lay bailey down
Harry: we are here
Niall: Harry shut up Gabrielle is trying to put bailey to sleep.
Louis:sorry mate
Liam:yea sorry
Zayn:sorry Niall
Harry:sorry Nialler
You laugh about how your husband is the loudest in the group yet he is telling people to be quiet. As you watch your baby girl sleep you feel someone's arms snake around your waste and you turn to see Niall and the boys hugging you
Harry,Louis,Zayn,Liam:we love you Cami and our beautiful niece bailey too
Niall:back off they're mine
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