One direction imagines :)

If u want an imagine just comment below give me a name,one d member


1. Louis imagine for Cami (me)

You and Lou were in love and have been for 2 years.
Lou:yes carrot princess
You:I love you so much
All of the sudden Lou gets on top of you and starts tickleing you
Lou:say Lou is the sexiest beast alive
You:never....ok ok I give Lou is the sexiest beast alive gosh
Lou: Cami you sure got that right
Lou leans down and kisses you and you start making out then Lou stops and runs upstairs he comes back Down and you continue making out then the doorbell rings and you see the boys who r like your brothers and you call bubbys
And you run and jump on them and hug them
And then you all hang out then watch tv and in the middle of your favorite show the boys star singing gotta be you and Lou gets down on one knee
Lou:Cami I love you more than carrots will you marry me
Cami:of course Lou I love you
And you spend the rest of the night cuddling with your new fiancé and your bubbys
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