One direction imagines :)

If u want an imagine just comment below give me a name,one d member


5. Liam for Kayla

You and Liam had been going out for a year and it was your 1st year anniversary.

You: Liam where are we going?

Liam: Someone where special

You: Okay

Liam took you into his car. You were wearing a nice colored dress. He was wearing jeans and a nice plaid shirt. Like always. But you loved him wearing it. Liam started to drive. Once he got to the place.

Liam: Close your eyes love

You nodded and did what he said. You than heard a door shut. Than it was silent. 2 minutes later. Your door opened and Liam pulled you out gently. Liam put his hands over your eyes.

Liam: I will guide you

You nodded. He started walking. You did too. Once he stopped you do. He removed his eyes.

Liam: Open love

You opened your eyes. Your were at the place where you first met. All of a sudden the boys came out of no where and started to sing. 'Gotta Be You.' At the end of the song. Liam was on one knee. He held out a tiny box.

Liam: Kayla I love you so much and I cannot imagine my life without you. Kayla will you do the honor of becoming my wife?

You started to tear up. You weren't expecting this. You nodded slowly.

You: Yes Liam I will

Liam's smile grew and placed the ring on the finger. Once he was up right. He pressed his lips onto yours. Your wrapped his arms around him. You guys ended up having a long make out session.

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