Autumn Paradise

Emma has gone through a lot in her life. It hasn't been easy growing up. She has even been on the verge of taking her life. But all of that changes once she meets the boy of her dreams who drifts her to a peaceful state of mind, in other words, an Autumn Paradise.


4. Putting Your Hopes Up

I couldn't stop smiling that day. On my  way home I felt warm inside and that nothing could make me sad, not even my family.

School was different from then on. I didn't even pay attention to Jennipher's gossip stories and completely ignored everyone I shouldn't have, but I did it unconsciously. All I could think about was the man from the café and if I'd ever see him again, see those grey-blue eyes once more to release their amorous spell upon me. 

I didn't know whether  I was in love or not, though. Afterall, it was just a chat and a flirty departure. Maybe I was just curious about him. One thing I did know for sure was that I had to meet him again to know for certain. 

So I'd go to the café  every afternoon after school and wait. Have a chat with Marc, read a bit and do  my homework. But this didn't last very long, I began to give up after a week.

It was around half past seven when I bid farwell to Marc and walked back home.

A strong wind blowing my hair around like crazy, practically turning it into a messy bird's nest. I kept my head down and my hands in my military green jacket. I was thinking about how ridiculous I must have been to have even taken his flirt so seriously.

Then suddenly, I heard that motorcycle engine run again. I put my head up, beaming and hoping that it was him. But instead it was a middle aged woman on her motorcycle going to the grocery store nearby.

I put my head down again and continued walking. How coud I be so stupid about some guy?

'Hey! Emma!' I heard behind me. 'Is that you?'

I turned around, with a face like 'what do you want now?', but this look changed immediately once I saw who it was. It was Benjamin! I couldn't stop myself from smiling. My mind was convinced that he thought I was some crazy cat woman psychopath by the way he looked at me, so I kind of calmed down after.

'Why haven't you contacted me?' he looked into my eyes, quite confused.

'What do you mean?'

'I gave Marc my number for you last week and yesterday I asked him to ask you why you hadn't called if he saw you.'

'Oh. Well, I haven't been at the café recently.' I lied. Damn Marc. He must've been jealous or something. I knew he was acting weird.

'I wanted to ask you out on a date.' he glared. The wind made him look still yet glow in the dim light of the street lights. 'So...?'

'But... You hardly even know me.'

'True. But I want to.'

'I'm not sure...'

'C'mon! Where's your sense of adventure!'

I was probably going to get into trouble if I didn0t get home soon so Ijust quickly nodded with my head, smiling eagerly.

'Great! I'll pick you up at the café on Friday at six thirty, ok?'

'All right.'

'Do you need someone to walk you home?'

'No, I'm fine'

'I insist'

'No, honestly'


'I'm a big girl, you can walk me home on Friday'

He nodded and sighed. He waved to me and I walked back home, listening to him whistle. 

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