Autumn Paradise

Emma has gone through a lot in her life. It hasn't been easy growing up. She has even been on the verge of taking her life. But all of that changes once she meets the boy of her dreams who drifts her to a peaceful state of mind, in other words, an Autumn Paradise.


5. Like Rubber Ducks In A Bath

Friday afternoon I walked down from school over to the café listening to music with one earphone in my ear. I wasn't wearing anything special, I simply had no idea what to wear. I wore my jeans, black boots and my red jacket. It was by far less windy that Friday than the rest of the week.

I'd texted my Mum that I was going with my friends to the mall, and that I'd possibly be arriving late. She didn't  mind but she told me to stay safe.

I didn't have to wait at all, Benjamin was just waiting outside the café looking very smart in jeans with his leather jacket and his dark sunglasses, that he immediately took off once he saw me.

'Hey' I said shyly. 

'Hey there! You're bang on time.'

'So, where are we off to?'

'Aahh! That's a secret. What would you like to drink, first?'

Once we got our drinks we walked down to the park in silence, even though I had the great desire of telling him everything but at the same time I was kind of scared.

We sat down on a bench overlooking the large pond that is placed in the centre of the park.

'I've always loved this spot ever since I came here.' Benjamin said, looking at the ducks bobbing along the surface of the lake. 'I always think it'd be a great piece of art to paint.'

'You paint?' I asked, surprised.

'No.' he giggled, looking at me as I felt dumb to even think so. 'But I'd love to.'

I smiled and looked back at the pond.

'I'm actually a writer. I like to write stories, but I'm trying to get a job at the local newpaper at the moment.'

'Amazing' I said. He didn't really seem to be that sort of person, at least in my eyes.

'What about you?'

I began to panic. Should I tell him I'm much younger than he is? How will he react? Will he still be interested?'

'I'm still in school. It's my last year.'

'Great! Have any idea what you want to study?'

'I have no clue, but maybe history or literature'

We both talked until it got dark and the pond was completely still. The street lights looked like glowworms hovering in midair. 

He told me how he came from a farmhouse in the countryside and how he'd left when he was seventeen. He was now 21, so I wasn't that nervous about his age anymore. He told me how he looked after his animals and how his father was terribly controlling and how he missed his brother.

'And how about you? What's your story?'

'There isn't much to it. My family are ignorant and I have an obsessive ex boyfriend. Great stuff, isn't it?' 

'You're quite closed, you know? You should be more open.'

I didn't react to his comment and there was now a long, cold silence.

'Right' he said, in a joyous tone. 'I dare you to jump in that pond right now.'

I stared at him in shock. He was mad. What had I got myself into? 'You're kidding, right?'

'No, I'm not' he smirked. 'Fine, I'll go in first'

'You're crazy, did you know that?'

'Not at all. I'm just spontaneous.'

He took his jacket off and his shirt, revealing his semi-toned abs. He then began to walk to the pond and took his pants off, revealing his Calvin Klein underpants. He then ran around the pond and jumped from the highest point and screamed.

I stood up from the bench. My hand covering my gasping mouth, hoping he was okay. He then zoomed up from the water and shaked his head viciously.

'Come in! It's lovely!'

'No way! You're mad!' I shouted back across the pond.

'C'mon! How many times do you get to swim in a public pond in October without anyone around when it's this clean?'

He'd made a good point. 

'Fine. But don't look. Turn around.'

He turned around as I stripped off. I was wearing my basic black bra and pants, so he'd obviously not be able to see my bits and bobs underwater.

'Right! Here I come!' I said and jumped into the water. 

It was dense and cold and I felt the little fish and plants race around my legs.

'You lied! It's freezing!' I shouted.

I looked around and I couldn't see him, I began to freak out and wonder if he'd drowned or not.

'Benjamin? Benjamin!' I called, my voice shaking. I felt a splash on my back that made me jump.

'Don't ever do that again.' I splashed his face with force, a lily pad on his head.

We both laughed as I took it off his head slowly. His eyes on mine. I felt the warmth of his body come closer to mine. Both of our bodies completely underwater, only our heads remained on the surface. His face came closer to mine. I looked down, trying to get out of his eyes, but he slowly put my chin up and he kissed me. 

I took my lips away from his, baffled. He opened his mouth, as if to apologise, but before he could say anything I kissed him more passionately than he'd done. His arms taking my waist. My fingers running through his hair, his hands then softly supporting my back. He then took us over to the shallow area of the pond and layed me down, half into the water and lated beside me and kissed me more.

I swear, this moment was perfect. I hardly new Benjamin, but I felt like I'd known him for thousands of years.

I pulled my lips away from his and put my hand on his chest and whispered.

'As much as I love making out with you, I'm afraid I've got to get back home and I don't want to go back soaking wet.' Benjamin nodded and took my hand and got us out of the pond and walked up the little hill next to  the pond, picking up pieces of clothing on the way. We then sat under the little maple tree and I put my head on his shoulder with our hands still holding each other.

The clouds had separated and had let the moonlight glow a path on the pond. The stars came out and a breeze began to pick up, a breeze that made me shiver.

Benjamin noticed immediately and took his leather jacket and put it around me and held me closer to him, putting his chin on my wet head. 

I closed my eyes, actually taking everything inside my head properly. The sound of his heartbeat was so comforting and the way he moved his hand up and down my arm so softly made me feel so protected... So wanted.


I looked through the pocket of my jeans to find my mobilephone. 

'Where are you? I thought you weren't going to be late. Please tell me you're safe xx'

It was Mum. 

'What's wrong?' Benjamin said in a suttle voice.

'Nothing. I just have to be home soon but I don't want to go now.'


'Because this has possibly been one of the best nights of my life and I don't want it to end.'

I jerked my head away from my phone's screen and kissed him.'Thank you for everything.'

So I put my clothes on and put my hair into a high bun. I got up and waved to say goodbye but Benjamin stood up and took me by the waist and kissed me slowly.

My lips decended from his as I smiled and turned my back on him and walked up the path on the way home.

And from that moment, I knew that I would definitely be seeing more of Benjamin. And I wasn't scared at all, I was excited.

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