Autumn Paradise

Emma has gone through a lot in her life. It hasn't been easy growing up. She has even been on the verge of taking her life. But all of that changes once she meets the boy of her dreams who drifts her to a peaceful state of mind, in other words, an Autumn Paradise.


2. Just Mondays

Monday mornings were the worst. I'd be awake by 7 getting dressed and eating my breakfast, then I'd have to catch the bus with Janice. We'd practically have to run to the bus stop as we were never on time. Janice spent most of her morning applying her make-up and straightning her hair.

We'd then eventually hop into the school bus and we'd both go our separate ways. Janice would go with her flaky friends at the back of the bus and I'd go and sit at the middle of the bus, listening to my music through one of my earphones.

Our school was private. Dad wanted us to have the best education affordable, which was understandable. Though, other kids would judge us, saying that we were snob and things like that. I began to believe it myself, seeing my sister with her stuck up friends.

One Monday morning, I walked off to my locker to get my books. I walked off to the biology classroom while thinking about complaining to my Math teacher, or even the principal. I was trying to figure out a speech in my head that would sound convincing yet not offensive. I leaned my shoulder on the wall, waiting for the class door to open when suddenly I got some strong arms around my waist. The warm person behind me came closer to my ear.

'You know, your backside looks as good as your frontside.' I felt the hot breath curl inside my ear.

'You know, your presence is still an annoyance to everyone, Anthony.' I snapped back.

He gripped my waist even harder, like he used to when we were together. He spread his fingures out and began moving them slowly. I tried to ignore his gestures, try not to react. But, I couldn't help it.

'I love it when you're mad at me... Turns me on.'

He then began to kiss my neck as he gradually moved his hands towards my breasts.

I turned around and kicked him in 'the zone'. His painful moan made everyone fall silent.

I leaned my face close to his ear and whispered. 'Don't you ever touch me again.'

Luckily by then, the teacher opened the door and I walked directly to my spot, miles away from Anthony.

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