Autumn Paradise

Emma has gone through a lot in her life. It hasn't been easy growing up. She has even been on the verge of taking her life. But all of that changes once she meets the boy of her dreams who drifts her to a peaceful state of mind, in other words, an Autumn Paradise.


3. Benjamin

I was just in the café drinking my Earl Gray when suddenly the sound of a motorcycle came dragging its noise closer. I never had a motorcycle, but I always wanted one. Dad was all paranoid that I'd break my neck and die, which I could totally understand... But I always wanted one because I just wanted to become more independent and be able to escape home whenever I pleased.

The noise stopped. I also always had the image in my mind of myself in a brown leather jacket and a red helmet while riding a black motorcycle.

A man in my eyes roughly in his early twenties, came into the café. He was strikingly handsome. He had dark brown hair and grey-blue eyes that you could feel so much emotion from just gazing into them. 

'A black coffee, please?' he said, smiling at Marc while he tapped his fingers onto the bar, looking through  the windows to see children playing in the leaves and couples walking their dogs. 

I couldn't help staring at him, I felt so drawn to him and I don't know why. I tried not to, a little voice in my head reminding me that staring is rude.

The man jerked his head and smiled at me, I instantly felt my cheeks blush.

'Hi there'

'Hey' I said quite seriously, looking up from my book.

'Angela Carter.' he smiled.


He pointed at my book.

'Oh, yes.'

'She's a good writer. Very descriptive and imaginitive but very feminist.'

'You've read her books?' I looked at him, surprised.

'No, certainly not! My sister does though. She says Angela is practically a God in the book world.'

I smiled, not knowing what else to say.

'What's your name?'


'I'm Benjamin, nice to meet you.' He pulled his hand out and shook mine with a strong grip, his eyes locked on mine.

'So, are you from around here?' I asked sheepishly.

'Not really, I've just moved into a friend's flat today.'

'Oh. Why's that?'

'Relationship problems.'

'Oh... I'm sorry to hear that-'

'Don't worry, I'm even sorry for myself. I should've known she was gay.'

I opened my mouth without noticing in total shock.

'I'm just kidding.'

I closed my mouth and looked down at the floor, kind of smiling to myself. I felt completely idiotic, the same kind of feeling I goy when my Dad thought I was stupid.

'How about you? What's a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?'

'I live here, unfortunately. But I'm probably going soon.' I didn't want to say why as he'd probably figure out that I was only seventeen.

'Oh. Pity.'

There was a long awkward silence.

A sound rattled from the staff room and Marc barged in, agitated.

'So- Sorry, sir. I believe we've run out of coffee.'

Benjamin sighed. 'It's fine, friend. Make sure there's some for my next visit. I have a feeling I'll be coming here more often.'

He looked at me and then went out of the door, the bells still ringing after his departure.

'Boy. He looked good, didn't he?' I said, trying to make Marc jealous.

'Oh, do shut up. Don't wind me up. He's only got strong arms for one thing.'

I smiled and tried to get back to my book but couldn't. I don't know why, but that man was no stuck in my head. Benjamin. 

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