Autumn Paradise

Emma has gone through a lot in her life. It hasn't been easy growing up. She has even been on the verge of taking her life. But all of that changes once she meets the boy of her dreams who drifts her to a peaceful state of mind, in other words, an Autumn Paradise.


1. A walk in the park

Puddles glowed and sparkled from the reflection of the sun. There was a cold breeze that blew the golden-brown leaves off the trees onto the narrow pathement. The birds sung to each other constantly, as if they all were chatting about some gossip they just heard.

I was walking down the path listening to music with one earphone while I was enjoying the autumn view. I liked walking in that area, there was a park nearby where children would be playing and lovers reading under the trees together. It was a lovely spot in the summer.

Having a morning walk took my mind off things, school being one of them. I was begining to realize that soon I'd have tobe facing some decisions, grown up's decisions. Where I'd be studying, what I'd be studying, where would I be living, what I could afford...

I was only two blocks away from my favourite café. It was the only place I had any privacy, home wasn't exactly perfect in that particular need. There were too many distractions. Mum would be watching her reality tv shows, Dad would be shouting on the phone nagging at his co-workers, Ben and Michelle would be arguing over their toys and Janice would be playing her music at 100% volume. Well, not that it would be music, more like noise. She listens to the kind of alarm clock style songs with rappers that "sing" about partying, smoking weed and getting laid. Totally not my kind of music.

I rubbed my shoes on the welcome matt before I got in the little café. It was small, only about five people could fit in it comfortably, but not many people came in either. I don't know why, though. It was a beautiful place and it had great service. I opened the door, the ring of the bell following my movement. A familiar male figure popped out from behind the counter.

'You're up early, Emma!' a voice shouted.

'I thought you already knew I was an early bird.' I said to him with a grin. 'How are you doing, Marc?'

Marc walked away from the counter and we both sat on the wine red sofa that leaned against the wall. I put my bag down beside me and gave a sigh of exhaustment, although I walked a lot I wasn't really into the whole walking long distance stuff.

'Just fine.' he said. 'Still couping with the damsel in distress.'

The damsel in distress was Marc's stepmother. He never really liked her, he found her fake and an opportunist. When I say fake I don't only mean her personality.

'What do you fancy?' he said, changing the subject.

'Earl Gray, please.'

Five minutes later he came back with my favourite mug, one with a black bir on. Nick was a sweet guy, he had perfect teeth and his eyes glowed whenever I said something. I knew he fancied me, but it never seemed to bother me. I knew he'd never ask me out.

'So, how's everything going?' he asked.

I took a sip of my tea. 'Well, apart from the fact everyone is an anti-social in my household, my ex suddenly wants to be with me again and my Math teacher is a total cow... Nothing much.'

Marc chuckled. I didn't find it that funny, it was only the truth.

'Explain yourself.'

'Well, my family is just all ocuppied with their own private lives that I have no one else to talk to. I mean, Jennipher and Rachel are having such a great time alone without me and my family are all just ignoring each other, I feel alone sometimes, you know? I realise how alone I am.' I said, I looked at Nick to see his concerned face.

'You're not alone, Emma. It's just a phase. After all,' Marc gave me a slight grin. "You've still got me."

I gave a weak smile. I did have him, but Marc was always more of a psychologist than a friend. But he was good at what he did.

'And my teacher is a total a-hole. My calculator died in the middle of doing my test and the darn bitch didn't lend me hers, so I got an F. She said to me: you already knew about this matter.' I said in a stuck up tone.

Marc chuckled again.

'So, what's this about your ex?' He was obviously interested in this.

'Oh, nothing. Getting texts from him saying I was the best girlfriend he ever had, that I was great in bed-'

'But you never slept with him..'

'Exactly!' I said. 'I just replied saying he texted the wrong person!'

We both laughed and looked at each other. He gazed at me and then jerked his head away.

'Well, enough chit-chat. Those toilets won't clean themselves.'

I smiled at him and nodded, I took out my book out and began reading. I could hear the raindrops hit the glass from the windows and so I smiled. Autumn had arrived all right.

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