Trapped in my dreams

When everything seemed normal and unattractive she realizes, she has been living in a world of sadness and misunderstanding. But something is about to change her whole point of view.
She finds herself lost in this alternative world trying to find a way to break out.


2. Chapter 2 - Strange feeling!


Chapter 2

I ran downstairs and walked outside as quickly as I could, I felt the wind hitting my face while I ran down the road, Joe lived right down the street we used to walk to school together every morning.

But this morning I just thought he slept for a little longer, I wasn’t that worried at the time, but now I was getting closer to his house I was starting to get more and more concerned about him.

I felt like I would just die if I found out something happened, we had some connection. Like brother and sister. I always felt that way, at least till last year, I was so confused I just never thought of him again as a brother.

I was now getting closer to his house, as I started to slow down I was able to see what was around me, down the road I could see the lights blinking as they always did. I was getting nervous and I was starting to shake, I felt like my heart was pounding, as hard as it could.

As I got closer I could see Joe sitting in his house porch drinking soda and texting, as he always did and was something that just pissed me off. He kept texting like he couldn’t see and I kept wondering if he could see me.

“Joe! Joe! Joee!” I kept yelling louder, and louder but he wouldn’t turn to see me. I felt so invisible.

I got closer and when I was about to touch his shoulder he got up and started to walk towards the kitchen door, I followed him still yelling his name.

His mother went out to smoke her cigarette and looked right at me, I waved, but she just looked away. I never felt so strange in this 15 years of living, I just went away feeling invisible.

I went back home touching all the things I could so I was sure that I was still alive not some ghost.

I got home and called my mother just to make sure she could her me, she wouldn’t let me down… She answered gladly, I was freaking out with this situation, was Joe and his family mad at me. What have I done?

So many questions and not even one answer, I just think the better thing is to sleep on them and find an answer in the morning! 

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