Trapped in my dreams

When everything seemed normal and unattractive she realizes, she has been living in a world of sadness and misunderstanding. But something is about to change her whole point of view.
She finds herself lost in this alternative world trying to find a way to break out.


1. Chapter 1


It was a long day today, and as normal I wasn’t able to pay any attention to what the teachers were explaining, typical me.

Those headaches attacked me again, they hurt so bad I’m starting to get a bit worried about it. A sixteen year old shouldn’t have this type of aches.

I’m actually considering going to a doctor, my mother thinks I’m crazy and that I am only imagining things, that these headaches aren’t real. But the truth is that I can feel them so I guessing they are real, very real.

So I guess my day was going as usual, I finally got home, my school isn’t that far away from my house but it still is pretty tiring after a long day of work.

“Mum, I’m home!” I yelled at my mother as soon as I walked throw the door.

“Good, I have to talk to you.” She said whit that sweet voice that I’ve always remembered. “Is everything alright mum?” I asked.

“Don’t worry is nothing much, I just thought I would tell you that Joe came by this morning looking for you right after you went to school. A little strange do you think.”

“Well you know how he is.” Actually I got a bit worried this was definitely not normal. Once I got upstairs to my room, I logged in on Skype so I could see what was going on. I just immediately got that strange feeling when I realized he wasn’t on.

What’s going on? He is always on, always, every single second. There is something definitely wrong.



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