True Love

Zayn Malik fell for a girl before the X Factor. He promised that he would return for her. He didn't. Until now...
Read to find out more.


8. Who to Forgive?

Zayn's POV

I am such an idiot! Sammi got away again! I've never screwed up this bad before.

"Why the hell did you kiss me?" I all but yelled at Gabby.

"She never loved you, Zayn," she purred. "I do, though. I just needed to get her out of the way."

"What do you mean by that?" Niall asked.

"I mean that if Sammi ever thought she could and would have you, that feeling is gone now," she said, smugly.

I did not care that she was a girl. I slapped Gabby right across the face.

"This is what it would have felt like to Sammi," I growled. "Except that it hurts on the inside."

Gabby started to cry. She headed to the direction of the washroom then stopped. She must have remembered that Sammi was in there.

Sammi walked out. Her face was red, she had tear stains on her cheeks, and her eyes were so puffy that they were almost purple.

She started walking my way. She pushed passed Gabby by hitting her shoulder hard against Gabby's. Gabby stumbled before running into the washroom.

Sammi walked forward until she was about a foot away from me. She stopped and tilted her head to the side. She smiled a small yet noticeable smile before walking past me.

My heart crushed. I just wanted to kneel in front of her and beg for forgiveness. I also wanted to scoop her up in my arms and carry her out of there. I resisted both urges.

The doctor walked in, saying, "Sammi? You are free to go. Take an Advil once a day, though. You could get headaches."

"Alright," Sammi said, barely audible.

The nurse walked out.

"Sammi?" Liam asked. "If you are that mad at Gabby, you could take your stuff out of your shared flat and come with one of us."

"I think I will," she said.

"Who do you want to stay with?" asked Harry.

"Zayn," she said. "He may have hurt me but it wasn't his fault. He knows me best."

"Let's go then," Louis yelled.

We all walked out, leaving Gabby crying in the washroom.

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