True Love

Zayn Malik fell for a girl before the X Factor. He promised that he would return for her. He didn't. Until now...
Read to find out more.


3. Two Years Later (Present Day)

Sammi's POV

I was out of his life. My best friend called me once since that call when he told me he got put in a band with four other lads. I tried calling him but he changed his number. I didn't want to bother his mother by asking her for his new number. She probably didn't remember me anyways.

Since Zayn left, I only made one new friend. Her name is Gabby and she is a major directioner. She has backstage passes to their concert tonight and guess who she's bringing? Me. I don't want to see Zayn or those boys who stole him away from me. I certainly didn't want to see his new girlfriend Perrie Edwards. I bet he won't remember me.

****Time skip to concert****

Concert time!! note the sarcasm. Gabby came over an hour before we had to leave to help us both get ready. She curled her dirty blonde hair and put on some eye-shadow to make her green eyes pop. She wore a blue shirt that had 1D on it written in black and light blue skinny jeans. She had white Nike sneakers. She had me straighten my black hair and she almost forced me to pin back my new "emo" bangs. I kept my bangs down and straightened them. I put on some dark eyeliner and mascara. I put on my black t-shirt that had a red checkered pattern on it and black skinny jeans with chains. I don't know where the shirt came from. I also had black combat boots. I suppose I looked more like someone going to a punk-rock concert than a One Direction concert. I really didn't want Zayn to recognize me if I took this many measures.

There was too much screaming.

"My head hurts," I shouted to Gabby.

"What?" she yelled.

"Whatever," I muttered.

When the concert ended, we went backstage. Gabby started shrieking and jumping up and down. I just walked with my arms crossed rolling my eyes at her.

We saw Liam Payne walk out into the hall and come towards us. He smiled at Gabby and smiled at me for a millisecond before changing his smile to a look of fear. I must have looked pretty damn freaky then.

Liam ushered us into a room that the rest of the boys were in. They smiled at Gabby but I once again got a look of fright. I flashed them all a half smile and marched to the emoty spot beside Niall. He was shaking. Aww how cute-not. (A/N I do love Niall so this isn't my real opinion. Just the story)

"What are your names?" asked Zayn. If I remembered anything about him, it was that he would be the first to speak up in an awkward situation.

"I'm Gabby," Gabby half-shouted.

"I'm Sammi," I said normally.

"Sammi what?" Zayn asked. I could have sworn I saw a pang of recognition in his eyes.

"Sammi Carson," I said. (I forgot to mention Sammi's last name in the beginning...sorry)

I told him my whole name. My real name. He and all of the boys softened up for a second before becoming tense again. Gabby looked confused. She would get close to ANYONE if she got confused. She cuddled up closer to Harry.

"Well this is awkward," I said standing up.


Zayn's POV

She said her name was Sammi Carson. I knew only one person by that name. My childhood friend. A distant memory. All of the boys and I relaxes for a nanosecond before tensing up again. I told them the story. Maybe included a few lies.

"Well this is awkward," Sammi said, standing up.

Sammi walked out of the door. Niall quickly relaxed. I followed her out. The boys looked at me confused. I ignored it and just followed Sammi.

"Hey," I called. she turned around.

"What?" she asked.

"This may sound crazy," I started, "but did I used to know you?"

"Yes, Zayn," she said. "You did."

Sammi started walking away. I tried chasing her, but I lost her. I walked back to the arena hoping that her friend, Gabby, may help me with this situation.

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