Finally found you

what happened if you were separated from your brother? Ashley is normal girl but has a jagged past . Ashley was adopted when she was 3 and was told that her real family is still out there .What will happen if she finds out that her brother is Louis Tomlinson of One Direction ? What if all the One Direction boys had sisters ? what if they all fell for one another ? Not just that BUT One direction have new RIVALS !! What will happen next ??


7. the plan


I awoke to the smell of pancakes and so did everybody else. When we went to see who made them i saw Liam and Ashley talking . I felt jealous that should be me making pancaked with her and not Liam . Then i had a plan ..while we were talking 

Niall : Ash thanks for the food !

Ashley : no problemo 

Everyone :* laughed * 

She was so cute when she said that .

Louis : What do you have planned today Little Carrot

Ashley : Well superman ..

Louis : superman ? is that my new nickname ?

Ashley : yes yes it is ! as i was saying .. i am going out to find ' Girlfriends' Cause i dont want to spen the whole summer with 5 boys

Niall : WAIT ! i have an idea .. I will fly my little sister here tomorrow


Niall : yes ? WOW before i move on anyone else have a secret family member we should know about ?

Harry : Yes i have a sister too

Liam : me too

Zayn : Same here

Ashley : Wow ! did not know that ..

Louis : why did we hide this from each other ?

Harry : we will spill later .. i guess i can fly Lil styles here tomorrow too

Liam : and my little jessi even though her name is Nadia

Naill : and i can fly mini Niall over here too

Louis : i thought she was a girl ?

Niall : yeah she is but she looks like me .. so i call her Mini Niall

Everyone : okay???

Zayn : and i can fly Gloria here too

Louis : then its settled .. One directions sisters are going to meet

Ashley : yes they are !! and i am excited .. GO CALL THEM NOW

Everyone : * laugh * OKAY !! 

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