Finally found you

what happened if you were separated from your brother? Ashley is normal girl but has a jagged past . Ashley was adopted when she was 3 and was told that her real family is still out there .What will happen if she finds out that her brother is Louis Tomlinson of One Direction ? What if all the One Direction boys had sisters ? what if they all fell for one another ? Not just that BUT One direction have new RIVALS !! What will happen next ??


3. Finally


The plane ride was great , i spent most of it listening to One Direction. They are my Favorite band of all time . When i reached the airport, i did not know who i was really looking for i have now idea what my brother looks like . i decided to text my mother to tell her i am here 

text to my mother : Mum , i am at the airport . Where is my brother ?

text from Mother : Don't worry sweetheart ! he was so excited he made a sign that says " ASHLEY '' you will be able to find him.

after that text i sighed then i got shocked by screaming fans '' ONE DIRECTION '' they shouted . wait they are here in this airport ? then i suddenly saw a sign that said '' ASHLEY '' . I walked closer to the sign i saw familiar faces.


When i reached home with guys my Mother told me that my sister called and that here birthday gift from us was to fly her her . my little carrot and i are finally going to meet. I got to excited that i decided to back a banner that said '' ASHLEY '' on it as she might of had no idea who i was , that's when the guys started to shoot me with questions '' WHO HAVE A SISTER '' they all shouted . i just started laughing then explained it to them . I could tell they were excited to meet her to 

The next day , we headed to the airport to pick her up. When we arrived there were fans everywhere.. How do they find us ? as we rushed into the airport to avoid fans i held the banner up. Then i saw a teenage girl walk up to me i just could not help but shout '' ASHLEY !!'' she looked at me then shouted " LOUIS !!'' she shouted back and came running towards me and i hugged her .


'' ASHLEY !!'' i heard then when i looked to closer  who was calling it it was no other than LOUIS TOMLINSON of One Direction '' LOUIS !!'' i shouted , i just could not help myself and ran towards him he did the same and gave me a hug . '' i did not know Louis Tomlinson from one direction was my brother '' i whispered in his ear, he giggled then whispered back '' i missed you my little carrot ! and yeah i am in one direction '' i laughed at him . when i looked over his shoulder i noticed the other 4/5 of one direction standing there. '' i missed you too Louis .. i don't have a nickname for you but iam proud of you ! '' i whispered in his ear. We finally let go of our hug and he walked me over to the other 4/5 of One direction.



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