Finally found you

what happened if you were separated from your brother? Ashley is normal girl but has a jagged past . Ashley was adopted when she was 3 and was told that her real family is still out there .What will happen if she finds out that her brother is Louis Tomlinson of One Direction ? What if all the One Direction boys had sisters ? what if they all fell for one another ? Not just that BUT One direction have new RIVALS !! What will happen next ??


46. 45 !


They walked out , with confusion of there faces . 

Mik : What do you want to talk abut babe ? 

Ashley : Mik .. I can't do this anymore 

Mik : What do you mean ?

Ashley : Listen .. I know you love me because you have told me , but i don't i just have feeling for sombody else and if i really loved you i would have not fallen for the other guy . I'm sorry Mik . but i do know you will find somebody else . 

Mik : I understand . 

Ashley : Thank you .

I hugged Mik before he gave me one last smile and walked out the hospital room . The rest came in .

Ashley : SO .... WHATS NEW !?

Yvette : DAYN ! 

Ashley : Ok .. I saw that what else ..

Yvette : Ummm ... LIAM AND GLORIA ! 

Ashley : WHOOO ..... and ??

Gloria and Dianna : YVETTE AND LOUIS ! 

Ashley : I knew it .. * Smirks * 

Yvette : Shut up ! * blush * 

Ashley : SO ... when can i get out of this place .. I'm a single lady and i wanna meet some boy ! ok well Jk on meeting boys ..

Dianna : Single eh ? 

Ashley : Yeah .. 

Louis : Now 

AShley : Now what ?

Louis : We can leave ..

AShley : YEY !! 

I jumped up and ran out of the hospital .AIR ! i missed air . I heard chuckling from behind , i turned to see the others . 

Ashley : Wheres the car ? 

Liam : Over there 

I ran towards it and jumped in shotgun . we sang all the way home . Once there we had a movie marathon .... and it was got to be the best day i had in week . 




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