Finally found you

what happened if you were separated from your brother? Ashley is normal girl but has a jagged past . Ashley was adopted when she was 3 and was told that her real family is still out there .What will happen if she finds out that her brother is Louis Tomlinson of One Direction ? What if all the One Direction boys had sisters ? what if they all fell for one another ? Not just that BUT One direction have new RIVALS !! What will happen next ??


44. 44


What just happened ? I mean yeah .. Ashley getting hit was nobody's fault. 

Yvette : Lv don't cry * eyes Harry * 

Nadia : Shh ..

Gloria : It's alright ...

Yvette: * mouths to Harry * you have gone to far .

Dianna : LEAVE ME ALONE * Runs out the room * 

Yvette : Dianna !! 

Zayn : I will go ..

Zayn left the room . Harry went to far this time to far . 

Yvette : What have you done ?

Harry : I did not do anything .. I just admitted my true feeling to someone ...

Louis : Wait ! it is not Harry's Fault .. I am the one that talked to her ... Actually It is nobody's fault she is here .. but Harry you did go to far with Dianna .

Harry : I know am sorry ... Niall .. I am sorry you know how rage can get over me ..

Niall : I know Harry .. Let's just wait for Dianna to come back .. you have to apologize 

Harry : Thank you Niall ...

Ashley : Woah ... i have not seen that before .. I missed you guys ..

Louis : You remember ? 

Ashley : Yes superman 

We all went over to hug her . 

Ashley : Where is Mik ? 

Louis : On the way ..

Ashley : Ok 


I went after Dianna . Where is she ? Zac's ?  where does he live ? I took out my phone to call Dianna . It rang but no answer. I walked around the hospital and call her phone again. I heard her ring tone , i followed it. There was Dinna curled up on the floor crying . 

Zayn : Dianna ? 

Dianna : Hi Zayn ...

Zayn : Are you okay ??

Dianna : Do i look okay ? 

Zayn : You still look beautiful of that's what you mean

Dianna : * smiles * thanks Zayn

Zayn : So what are you going through ??

Dianna : Well .. Me and Zac are not really a couple but I have feeling for someone else too ..

She likes someone else too .. who ??

Zayn : Ohh and who do you like more ??

Dianna : The other guy 

Zayn : Who is he ??  

Dianna : Well ...

Zayn : come one i'm yo-

I got cut of buy a pair of lips crashing on mine . I felt fireworks . No bombs . That must have been the best kiss of my life. 

Dianna : Does that answer your question ?

Zayn : Sure does ...

I got up of the floor and bent down on one knee pretending to hold a ring .

Zayn : Dianna Horan .. Will you the honor of becoming my beautiful Girlfriend ?? 

Dianna : A thousand time yes .. 

With that i got up and kissed her passionately. I smiled into the kiss , i felt her smile too . When we finished our kiss we stared into each others eyes .

Dianna : Come one .. let's go back , I have to apologize ..

Zayn : Okay 

I help her hand all the way back to Ashley's room . When we entered Mik was there. 

Harry : Look Dianna , I am sorry 

Dianna : I am too 

Louis : What do we have here ? * points at our hands * 

I smile and felt blood rush to my cheeks. I turned to look at Dianna , She was Blushing a deep shade of red.

Gloria : FINALLY ?! 

Everyone : Congrats ....

Ashley : Guys , can i have a private talk with Mik ? 

We all nodded and headed out the room . Everyone had curious looks on their faces . What are they going to talk about ?


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