In Real Life

Brianna White is one of the newest up-and-coming actors in the UK, along with her brother, Charlie, who's in the famous band "Paradise Weekend".

After a tiring break from shooting "Notting Hill", a television show similar to the likes of "Gossp Girl", she's invited to be a guest on the talent television show, The X Factor. What happens when she meets George Shelley with his group, Union J?


1. New beginning


The mobile phone shouted the alarm right next to Brianna’s bed as she rolled over on her king size bed. It felt funny to her, just about a year ago she was in her home down in Essex, and now she was in London, away from her family but oh-so close to the stars.

Her brown hair was a slight mess, and it chuckled when people thought that she looked flawless all the time: if they saw her now then they’d probably run away asking who let a werewolf into the house.  After finally deciding that it was probably best to get up, she lugged her body out of the warm blankets.

“Brianna?” Her ears pricked up at the sound of her own name, before realizing that it was her assistant, Kate, who had decided to let herself into the apartment. The twenty three year old woman that had sat herself down on the couch in her professional attire was one of Brianna’s only friends, especially since nearly everyone she liked was back at home.

“Good morning,” She smiled, looking around at the familiar apartment until her deep brown eyes noticed the script on the coffee table. Although she was on a break from the teen drama that she starred in, Notting Hill, it was strange that her manager still expected her to be in films, even when she was taking a little rest.

Kate noticed that Brianna didn’t seem too happy about this, and gestured for the eighteen year old to sit down.  “Hey,” The assisted joked. “It’s not easy being one of the most sought after actresses in the business right now.”

“I know,” She sighed. “I just wanted a chill for a little bit, you know?”  Her fingers played with the long brown hair that had dip dyed blonde at the end for a moment, pausing. “But I know it’s my job… Thanks for dropping it over.”

“You’re very welcome.” The assistant smiled, trying to lighten the mood. “Anyway, I have something that might brighten your mood,” She picked her expensive hangbag from the wooden floor and shuffled inside of it for a second before pulling out two passes. “I know you’ve been ridiculously tired recently, but I heard from a little birdy that you like to watch X Factor…?” She smirked as a smile played at Brianna’s lip. “But how would you feel about going there tonight?”

“…Tonight?” The actress giggled, a wide smile appeared. “I’m excited already, seriously. Isn’t it like, the first live show tonight?”

“Don’t act like you don’t know,” Kate joked, tapping her playfully. “You just have to be there at 5:30 for the pre-show party, so the car will be there to pick you up then.”

Brianna bit her lip. It felt strange how whenever anything went wrong, something just was around the corner to make things great again. “Thanks so much, Kate. Seriously, this is great.”

She shrugged as the light reflected on the blue eyes that she was lucky enough to have. “I think Charlie’s going to be there, tonight.”

The sound of her brother made Brianna smile; she hadn't seen him in a while.  It had been two weeks at least. Whilst Brianna was living out her dreams, her twin brother was lucky enough to be living out his, too. His band, Paradise Weekend, had scored a record deal and was already making a mark in the music business. Whenever she thought about their style, a slightly bouncier Arctic Monkeys style came to mind.

“That will be cool though, at least I won’t be a loner there.” She chuckled. “But what should I wear? I don’t want to look like a homeless person in there or something…” Her voice trailed off as her mind went to work.  She wanted to look nice, but didn't want to look like she tried too hard, or a slut or anything.

“Are you really asking me this right now? You have a wardrobe that most girls would die for; I’m sure you have something in there!” Kate chuckled, before grabbing her bag and standing up slowly. “I need to go to the office and work on some promotion, so I’ll leave you to your preparations and script reading.”

“Thanks for this, Kate. It means a lot,” Brianna nodded sincerely, she really did feel thankful for the lifestyle she was experiencing; it was strange that so many people worked so hard for her.

“I know, I know.” She smiled, walking over to the door, where the teenager let her out. “Bye!”

Before she knew it, Brianna found herself sat on the sofa, well and truly alone.


The music coming from Brianna’s sound system was slightly louder than normal, but because she was excited she didn't really care what anyone else thought about it. If reception called up telling her to shut up, she probably wouldn't listen; she was too happy to care.

Looking through her wardrobe, she spied out a shirt that was a dark charcoal colour, but was made of a shimmery material. It had short sleeves, but if teamed with a blazer then it would look alright. Then she pulled on some skinny jeans to make her bum look good, with some wedges. It looked like a good outlook for the night ahead.

Her hair became straightened after a good going over from the hot tongs, and her make-up matched everything perfectly; it proved that Brianna didn't need a team of stellar make-up artists to make her look good.

When she received a call from downstairs alerting her that the car had arrived, Brianna made her way through the never ending corridors and down the glass elevators where, outside, were a line of paparazzi that looked like they were going to attack her. Taking a deep breath, she strolled calmly over to the limo and got in, trying not to fall over in the process.

The events leading up to the show were a bit of a blur. About thirty minutes later she found herself in a nicely decorated room, where it seemed that everyone were interacting around each other, pretending to actually like each other, when really they hated each other’s guts.

A woman came up to Brianna, of whom she’d never met, and complimented her on the outfit she was wearing; the girl didn't really know how to take this. “Thanks,” She smiled weakly, before checking her phone to see if there was any mention of her brother Charlie.

Where the hell is he? She thought to herself, before grabbing herself a drink from the bar. It was some sort of cocktail that gave a sweet sensation to her tongue. Sighing that her sibling was late, she took a sip and ran her fingers through her hair.

“You alright?” A voice beside her asked in a Bristol accent. Turning to see who it was, Brianna had to admit that she recognized him from somewhere, but couldn't pin point it exactly. The boy had slightly curly hair and deep brown eyes; his skin was smooth and was more or less flawless look wise.

Brianna shrugged, trying to smile a little bit. “ I'm fine thanks… How’re you?” She wanted to make conversation with him, maybe try and figure out where she knew his face from.

“Good, just a bit nervous.” He admitted. That made everything click into place into the actresses’ mind; it was the guy who was put into that band, Union J.

“Oh yeah, you’re performing tonight, aren’t you? Good luck,” She chuckled to herself, before taking a sip of her drink. Pausing, Brianna realized she hadn’t even introduced herself yet. “I’m Brianna by the way.”

“George.” He smiled. “Nice to meet you,”               

She put her hand out for a moment for him to shake it. Call her cheesy, but she loved meeting people properly, with a full introduction. He took her hand, holding onto it for a moment too long. Just in that second, Brianna noticed in the corner of her eye that Charlie had entered the room, his brown hair tousled by the obvious work of a stylist. He had a beer in hand and was swiftly retreating to them at a pace.

“Hey,” Her brother greeted. Way to ruin the moment, Brianna hissed at him in her mind, but she couldn't look bad in front of George, not now, at least. Charlie looked over at George, whose eyes brightened; he must be a fan or something, she thought to herself. “Oh, sorry was I interrupting something?”

“No, not at all.” Brianna spoke, a slightly bitter tone to her voice. She swore she heard George chuckle at this.

“Oh, okay. Well, I was just getting you, because we’re supposed to be going to our seats…” Charlie responded, which made George shrug.

“Yeah, I’d better be off too, now. Bye!” He nodded, shooting a glance at Brianna before making his way off to join his band mates, who were looking onto him like a younger sibling.

After a pause, Charlie looked over at his sister once they were alone, as they walked through the corridors, into the studio and to their seats, flashing their passes every once in a while to staff members. “So, who was he?”

“…Just a boy I met.” 

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