Proving I'm not a liar

When Molly starts a safari holiday in South Africa she does not expect to find a point that will change her life forever. All of this though creates problems for her at school. Can she go past this and show them she is not a liar. This was created for a friend a my local riding school.


1. "We're going to Africa"

I woke, my eyes resisting to open from sleep. My alarm screeming beside my. I raised my hand, knocking it of the little table. My brown hair was stuck in knots and tangles. My hands strached and I groaned from sleep, the smell of sizziling bacon made my head snap up and my mouth water. I jumped out of the covers and ran down stairs, I took my place at the table as my mother served the bacon to me.

"Good morning, frizzie." my father said. He placed his paper down while digging in to eggs and toast. I giglled and then bit in to the crispy bacon in front of me.

"Hey, we have a surprise for you." my mother said sitting down with a mug of coffee. I looked up but didn't stop eating my breakfast.

"Fine then Miss Sour-Puss, we are all going to Africa! To do a special vet visit. What do you think?" she said, a bright grin spreading on her face. I dropped my bacon and screamed with delight. I had always wanted to go. Now I could. I felt faint with excitment.

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